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September 2024
2-6 September 20245 daysGeodynamics and Structural Styles in Exploration (GEO58)Vienna
8-12 September 20245 daysIntroduction to Petroleum Engineering (INT01)Doha
9-11 September 20243 daysDirect GHG Emissions Inventory Compiling for Upstream Oil & Gas (ETR11)Vienna
15-19 September 20245 daysWell Design & Engineering (DRI45)Doha
30 Sep-1 Oct 20242 daysMicroseismic Monitoring in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs (GPH41)Vienna
30 Sep-2 Oct 20243 daysPetroleum Geology in Field Development and Asset Management (PBM46)Vienna
30 Sep-4 Oct 20245 daysDecision-Based Geothermal Field Development (ETR08)Vienna
October 2024
7-10 October 20244 daysX-mas Trees and Wellheads: Operation and Testing (PRE26)Vienna
7-10 October 20244 daysAdvanced Well Testing and Interpretation (RES37)Doha
7-11 October 20245 daysSpecial Core Analysis (RES48)Vienna
7-11 October 20245 daysEnhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals (RES03)Vienna
13-17 October 20245 daysHydrocarbon Fluid Properties & Phase Equation (RES55)Doha
13-17 October 20245 daysModelling & Managing Uncertainty in the Subsurface (PBM48)Doha
14-18 October 20245 daysIntegrated Petrophysics for Carbonate & Fractured Reservoirs - A Roadmap (PPH03)Vienna
14-18 October 20245 daysApplied Machine Learning and Data Science for Upstream Professionals (RES65)Vienna
20-24 October 20245 daysReserves and Resources - Assessment and Assurance (PBM32)Doha
21-25 October 20245 daysGlobal LNG Projects: A Full Cycle Holistic Approach (PBM51)Vienna
21-25 October 20245 daysApplied Structural Geology (GEO54)Vienna
21-25 October 20245 daysGeological Storage of CO2: Pick the Right Reservoir (RES71)Vienna
27-30 October 20244 daysCased Hole Logging & Formation Evaluation (PPH41)Doha
27-31 October 20245 daysWaterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance (RES28)Doha
28-30 October 20243 daysONLINE: Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers (RES901)Virtual instructor-led course
November 2024
4-8 November 20245 daysProduction Engineering (PRE12)Vienna
4-8 November 20245 daysDirectional Drilling and Well Placement for High Angle and Complex Wells (DRI37)Vienna
10-14 November 20245 daysGeomechanics for Well Engineers (GEO74)Doha
11-15 November 20245 daysApplied Field Development Planning (PBM35)Vienna
11-15 November 20245 daysPetroleum Geostatistics - Integrating Data for Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (GEO07)Vienna
17-21 November 20245 daysAdvanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation (RES08)Doha
18-21 November 20244 daysAdvanced Artificial Lift Systems Design, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting (PRE36)Doha
25-28 November 20244 daysPetroleum Economics, Business and Decision Making (PBM02)Vienna
25-29 November 20245 daysWireline and LWD Log Quality Control and its Impact on Interpretation (PPH25)Vienna
25-29 November 20245 daysWell Integrity Management for the Well Life Cycle (DRI18)Vienna - CONFIRMED
December 2024
1-5 December 20245 daysAdvanced Neural Networks, Deep Learning and MLOps for Upstream Professionals (RES77)Doha
1-5 December 20245 daysWell Integrity Management for the Well Life Cycle (DRI18)Doha
2-6 December 20245 daysONLINE: Integrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (PPH902)Virtual instructor-led course
To be announced5 daysAdvanced Coil Tubing and Hydraulic Workover Operations (PRE23)
To be announced5 daysAdvanced Drilling Technologies (DRI14)
To be announced5 daysCarbonate Reservoirs (GEO61)
To be announced5 daysContracts Strategy & Management (CON02)
To be announced5 daysGeo-Energy and the Global Energy System – An Introduction (ETR07)
To be announced3 daysGeothermal Drilling Technology (DRI13)
To be announced5 daysManagement Skills for Excellence - The Essential Toolkit for Managers (MAN26)
To be announced5 daysNegotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry (SSK10)
To be announced5 daysONLINE: Advanced Well Log Interpretation (PPH926)
To be announced4 daysONLINE: Process Safety (HSE926)

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