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Production Engineering (PRE12)

  • 4-8 November 20245 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 3650 EUR + VAT


This broad-spectrum course covers fundamentals and best practices of modern petroleum production engineering by providing an understanding of integrated production systems, from reservoir to surface.
The course begins with a review of the basic principles of reservoir, wellbore and surface network modelling, to then present solutions to couple together the different elements of a production system. Emphasis will be placed on field performance enhancement and maintenance operations.
The course will also teach how to optimise a production system and maximise the recoverable reserves from a field given the physical constraints dictated by the production system itself and knowing the limitations of current modelling tools.

Course Level: Foundation / Skill
Instructor: Gioia Falcone

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A petroleum engineer, process engineer, development geologist, oilfield production manager or field engineer with a limited background in production engineering

How we build your confidence

After introducing the key concept of integrated production systems, you will be taken through its individual components (the reservoir, the near-wellbore region, the well and the surface facilities), according to the natural flow direction - from source to point of sale. Along the flow path, the nature and the role of the boundaries between consecutive components will be discussed.
After reviewing a simple, naturally flowing system, the sequence will be revisited once more, this time considering options to improve the productivity throughout the system and solutions to prevent or remediate flow assurance issues.
The course includes exercises, class discussions of typical production engineering problems, short films and demos of integrated production models. You will be encouraged to bring your own case studies for discussion in the class.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of integrated production systems
  • How to review and screen available input data to set up an integrated production model
  • Selecting methods to optimise a production system and maximise the recoverable reserves


  • Introduction to integrated production systems
  • Review of reservoir inflow characterisation
  • Review of well completions
  • Review of multiphase flow modelling in wellbores, risers and flowlines
  • System analysis: linking the reservoir, the near-wellbore, the wellbore and the surface facilities
  • Flow assurance issues
  • Review of surface facilities
  • Artificial lift
  • Liquid unloading in gas wells
  • Downhole and seabed water separation
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Acidising
  • Flow measurement and production allocation
  • Production logging
  • Planning short-, medium- and long-term optimisation of field management:
    - Water and gas shut-offs
    - Re-perforation
    - Stimulation
    - Re-completion
    - Debottlenecking of topsides facilities
    - Handling transient flow situations in the system
    - Issues around the chosen export route
    - Offshore vs. onshore scenarios

Customer Feedback

"The course covered the entirety of associated topics and gave an excellent overview and insight. Highly experienced trainer and well balanced timing." - Project Team Leader at MOL

"The course covered a lot in a very logical organised way." - Well Performance Engineer at NOC

"The instructor has an excellent ability to deliver the information in an easy way" - Petroleum Engineer at Qatar Petroleum

"Good balance between theoretical and practical (in situ) data/situations" - Engineer at Partex



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