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Global LNG Projects: A Full Cycle Holistic Approach (PBM51)

  • 21-25 October 20245 daysVienna, AustriaCourse Fee: 3550 EUR + VAT


Nowadays, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is considered an attractive and immediate energy transformation bridge. This course provides a global perspective and a holistic approach to LNG project cycles from subsurface to end-users via surface facility and transportation.
It envisages the international LNG trade, pricing, and contract types. It covers basic subsurface notions for field reserves calculation, project economics, risk and uncertainty for informed decision-making, and the value assurance process. And it emphasises sour gas processing and utilisation (e.g. CCS, EOR), type of gas transportation and global LNG projects.
Understanding the role of different disciplines involved in LNG projects improves efficiency and boosts project success.
Essential definitions and actual case histories enrich the course, such as the CO2 and N2 EOR giant Lula field (Brazil) and supergiant Cantarell field (GOM) respectively. Examples of complex mega sour gas projects such as Shah field (UAE), Ghasha concession (UAE), and North Field East (Qatar) are also presented.

Course Level: Foundation
Instructor: Mahmoud Ibrahim

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A geoscientist, petrophysicist, development engineer, surface facility engineer, or reservoir engineer
  • An analyst, commercial, strategic development, or project manager

How we build your confidence

  • Instructor-led delivery of theoretical content with a blend of PowerPoint overview and whiteboard explanations of details
  • Case histories
  • Exercises

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:
  • The full oil & gas multidisciplinary project cycle, time planning and how to maximise existing assets by coupling subsurface and surface domains
  • Different options for gas transmission and which is adequate
  • Sour gas processing and its multi-usage role in EOR and CCS
  • How LNG price is linked to oil price, LNG price volatility and type of LNG contract
  • Global LNG geostrategy deployment


  • Petroleum geoscience in a nutshell: HC generation, origin of sour gas, reservoir fluid type (PVT) and field’s volumetrics, giant field
  • Project economics
  • Decision analysis
  • Project Value Assurance (VAP)
  • LNG from the reservoir to the end user - value chain (E&P, liquefaction, shipping, regasification, and distribution)
  • Sour LNG processing principles
  • Sour gas processing products and EOR
  • LNG global pricing, link to oil price, price volatility and contract types
  • Global LNG trade
  • LNG ongoing mega projects
  • Decommissioning and restoration
  • Main group exercise:
    1) Green gas field evaluation and development
    2) A complex subsurface/surface assets value improvement with respect to the climate – maximise the gas concession value with the existing surface facility and industry



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