Dr Diethard Kratzer, Founder and CEO of HOT

Our Expertise – Your Solution

By combining our understanding of every phase of the Exploration and Development process with a commitment to superior performance, we deliver turnkey projects that help our customers be most successful.

“Quality matters.

That’s why, year after year, we do our utmost for each and every project. By bringing together results-driven individuals and supporting a can-do culture, we have built a team that delivers. We have every confidence in our team, you can too.”

Dr. Diethard Kratzer, CEO


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Quality Policy

We live Integration

Having a team of dedicated specialists who truly understand cross-disciplinary integration is our foundation for consistently delivering real results to our clients’ challenges.

We share our Knowledge

We are committed to the professional development of your staff. Our world-class instructors together with our organisational team deliver public and bespoke training across the globe to develop the skills your business needs.

We have the Energy

And the resources, experience and motivation to deliver. Our rock-solid reputation is your guarantee of a total solution to your subsurface and training needs.

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