Exploration and Data Management

Solid Foundation, Wise Investment


To replace reserves, finite exploration funds need to be well directed. Our approach combines play-based analysis at basin to block scales, operational optimisation and thorough G&G evaluation to better understand and manage exploration risk. We know that being able to access, trust and utilise data is at the very foundation of your business, so let us help you transform that data into knowledge.

Exploration Geology and Geophysics

HOT brings together legacy and new geological data into stratigraphically consistent regional geological packages. These packages (known as GDE maps) are then able to be risked with respect to our prospect portfolio.

  • Field mapping
  • Gross depositional environment mapping
  • Common risk and play mapping
  • Prospect and lead mapping
  • Exploration statistics
  • Regional seismic interpretation
  • AVO screening
  • Airborne geophysics (magnetics, gravity) interpretation
  • Sequence stratigraphy

Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

  • Target-oriented seismic survey design
  • Illumination analysis
  • Processing quality assurance
  • Proprietary first-break picking
  • Acquisition and processing tender generation and bid evaluation

Data Management

Data, we’ve all got it but is it useful? At HOT we turn analogue, vintage and disparate data into normalised, workable digital data-sets ready for data mining and interpretation. Turning data into knowledge, it’s what we do.

  • Well log digitisation, conditioning and normalisation
  • Map digitisation and geo-referencing
  • Data base build and data mining

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