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Hydrocarbon Fluid Properties & Phase Equation (RES55)

  • 13-17 October 20245 daysDoha, QatarCourse Fee: 5350 USD
    Computer Fee: 350 USD


This course focuses on fluid phase behaviour, fluid sampling and modelling of phase behaviour using cubic equations of state (EOS). During the initial part, focus will be on review of classical fluid properties as defined for crude oils, condensates and hydrocarbon gases. The second part will focus on fluid sampling and laboratory experiments as well as QC of PVT reports. The final part of the course deals with EOS modelling the tuning of equations of state to match laboratory results for oils and condensate reservoirs.

Course Level: Skill
Instructor: Leonhard Ganzer

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A reservoir engineer or practising petroleum engineer with up to 5 years work experience in phase behaviour and reservoir simulation

How we build your confidence

  • You will learn about modelling phase behaviour for reservoir engineering and simulation models by correlations and equations of state.
  • Real PVT lab reports are being discussed (QC, fluid sampling program).
  • Examples using EOS modelling software will help participants to perform fluid characterisation and modelling for their own projects.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • Hydrocarbon phase behaviour during the reservoir life-cycle
  • Design of fluid sampling program
  • In-depth understanding and QC of laboratory reports
  • Black-oil and compositional PVT data deck generation for simulation
  • Laboratory work and experiments (CCE, DLE, CVD, ...)
  • The use of equation of state modelling software


  • Review of PVT properties and phase behaviour
    - Fluid phase behaviour and fluid types
    - PVT properties of crude oil, condensates and natural gases
    - Water in hydrocarbon systems
  • Fluid sampling and PVT experiments
    - Sampling methods
    - Quality control
    - Laboratory experiments
    - Understanding PVT reports
  • EOS modelling
    - Introduction to cubic equations of state
    - Compositional vs. black-oil modelling
    - EOS modelling
    - EOS tuning, component lumping

Customer Feedback

"The theory part is well explained and I like the experience of Webex online training." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"Straight to the point, and the instructor was really helpful." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"Instructor was very knowledgeable." - Subsurface Advisor at Groupement Berkine

"Course was perfect. Dr. Leo arranged the course materials with exercises in a perfect way. Well done." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"The instructor explained the material in a very good way where we understood the concept, how he combined all info in a plot." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"For the first time I understand EOS. Different experiments. Very useful course." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"Very well structured. Very detailed and thorough. Effective repetition to reinforce important info." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO



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