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Management Skills for Excellence - The Essential Toolkit for Managers (MAN26)

  • To be announced for 2025


A five day program designed specifically for experienced or senior managers who are looking for a selection of tools, skills and competencies to help them achieve a shift in both their own and their team’s performance or leaders who are looking for a range of tools with which to develop their management team.
An engaging course during which delegates will not only be provided with an extensive collection of management and leadership tools, models, templates and theories, but through having ample opportunity to discuss and test them, will also have the confidence to put them to effective use once back in the business environment.

Course Level: Skill
Duration: 5 days
Instructor: Tony Copeman

Designed for you, if you are...

  • An intermediate or senior grade manager within industry, commerce or public service, looking for effective solutions to develop yourself and your team

How we build your confidence

A blend of delivery styles ensures all your learning patterns are catered for: oral, visual & kinaesthetic. You will engage in applied theory, discussions, and practice of the subject matter with modules following a format of:
  • Clear introduction of a topic, model or template
  • Discussion of the topic to aid understanding
  • Bringing the topic to life by placing the topic within the individuals role(s)
  • Using the key elements of the topic and applying it to the individuals role(s) and unique challenges they face
  • Working in small work groups
  • Sharing experiences
  • Building your own key learning and take away log
  • Developing your own (and your team) development and success plan
  • Using self-review questionnaires and quizzes to establish your own style

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you have developed your leadership and management skills and you will feel confident to:

  • Understand the essence of good leadership and management
  • Be able to apply exceptional leadership and management qualities to develop both yourself and your team
  • Build a personal development framework within which to grow both professionally and personally
  • Feel confident with communicating clearly and effectively whether in a 1:2:1, team or wider/public setting
  • Recognise that different people require a different style of leadership. Understand what is required and be able to confidently deliver that
  • Understand what motivation is really all about. To understand various motivation models and techniques and feel confident in applying them to get the best from you and your team
  • Set clear, yet challenging targets and objectives that serve to motivate yourself and your team
  • Understand why different motivation techniques work at different times with different people and then be able to select and effectively use the right one
  • Understand the team development process, how to recognise the warning signs and to keep progress on track
  • Understand and be able to apply a range of highly effective leadership and management tools to build and develop teams
  • Apply a variety of skills and tools to continually enhance your role and your team’s performance
  • Understand what happens to people when they are in a change environment and be able to build support strategies for you and them
  • Build and take ownership of your own development plan and career progression


Management Style & Adaptability
  • Perception really matters - how and why?
  • Evaluating management styles and establishing yours
  • Influencing performance using management styles
  • Motivation for individuals and teams
  • Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Hertzberg’s theory - understand the models : understand the people
  • Behaviours and performance, understanding and using the link
  • SMARTER as a building block for performance
  • Adaptability, effectiveness & change within your people

Communications Skills Excellence
  • Are we sharing the right information with our people?
  • What is your communication and influence style?
  • The wide range of communication methods we use and selecting the ones that have the most impact
  • Communication with a multi-generational workforce: the issues and how to manage them
  • The communication pie chart
  • What does body language tell us?
  • Using our voice to greater effect
  • Effective and active listening skills
  • The problem with the written word
  • Effective approaches to enhanced non-verbal communication
  • Understanding and making the most of effective verbal communication
  • What is the communication and influence style of those around you - are you being an effective communicator?

Leadership and Managing Vision
  • Leaders are …?
  • Scoping the next generation of leaders
  • The world of tomorrow is already here
  • Building and sharing the vision
  • Spheres of influence
  • Evaluating models of leadership and establishing yours
  • Situational leadership as a tool to develop the team
  • Having regular performance based conversations is key to success - a plan is needed!
  • Understanding emotional leadership
  • Success through using SMARTER within Balanced Business Scorecard

Team Building & Briefing
  • Team development: there is a process. Understanding and applying Tuckman’s model
  • Overlaying changes in leadership style to team development
  • The 5 elements of a dysfunctional team - how to spot them, how to remove them
  • The impact of organisational structures on teams
  • Team roles
  • Global best practice tools for profiling, selecting & developing a multi-disciplined team
  • Using the 4D’s for empowerment and development through effective delegation
  • Team development - opportunities and threats
  • Multi-disciplined teams
  • Managing change within and across teams

Project Management
  • Recognised project management approaches
  • Responsibilities of a project leader and a project manager
  • The 5 phases of linear project management
  • Tools to support effective project management:
    - Post-it pad brain storming
    - Mind-mapping
    - Work breakdown structures
    - Task & responsibility matrices
    - Stakeholder analysis and development
    - Schedule mapping
    - PESTLE
    - SWOT
    - FMEA
  • Project risk management and mitigation
  • Celebrating success and using lessons learnt

Customer Feedback

"The instructor made it very easy to understand, the info was accurate, methods and materials were brilliant." - Coordinator at Akakus



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