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Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry (SSK10)

  • To be announced for 2025


By making extensive use of oil and gas industry exercises, case studies and role plays this highly-interactive workshop demonstrates a structured approach to effective negotiating and introduces Breakthrough Negotiation Strategy to achieve results in difficult and complex negotiations.
You will develop your knowledge in a number of important areas, including team negotiations, international / cross cultural negotiations and conflict resolution.

Course Level: Skill
Duration: 5 days
Instructor: Paul Keighley

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A professional with limited negotiating experience wanting to improve your abilities and confidence in this core business activity
  • A petroleum professional involved in commercial or inter-personal negotiations

How we build your confidence

The bulk of this course comprises realistic, oil industry-based role-play negotiating scenarios based on a variety of commercial and non-commercial situations. This is underpinned with instruction in negotiating principles and methodology.
Class numbers for this course are kept low to ensure maximum student participation and ample coaching from the class instructor.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • How to plan and prepare for negotiations
  • How to recognise the vital steps in a negotiated settlement, and to exhaust one step before proceeding to the next
  • How to improve your communication skills to achieve better results
  • How to resolve impasse and handle difficult negotiations
  • How to negotiate in teams
  • How to respect cultural differences in international negotiations


  • Negotiation as a process
    - What do we mean by negotiation?
    - Are you a potential negotiator?
    - Key negotiating steps
  • Preparing for your negotiation
    - Five keys to preparation
    - Knowing your subject, knowing your counterpart, preparing your tactics
    - An invaluable tool - preparation checklist
  • Initiating and presentation
    - The importance of initiation and how to initiate
    - The importance of presentation after initiation and before bargaining
  • Bargaining
    - Developing your bargaining strategy
    - Effective bargaining techniques
    - How and when to avoid premature bargaining
    - How to resolve impasse and deal with conflict
    - Getting concessions
  • Closing the deal
    - How to recognise closing signals
    - Confirmation and follow-up
  • Communication and human behaviour in negotiations
    - Seven steps to effective communication
    - Verbal and non-verbal communication
    - Learning how to listen
    - Dealing with different personalities
    - How to communicate to influence the other side
    - Negotiating by phone or email
  • Team negotiations
    - How to negotiate in teams
  • Breakthrough negotiations
    - What we mean by "breakthrough strategy"
  • Handling international negotiations
    - Recognising cultural differences
    - How cultural differences affect negotiations
    - Preparing for international negotiations
  • Dealing with conflict
    - The causes of negotiating conflict
    - How to assess your own conflict management style
    - How to handle conflict in negotiations

Customer Feedback

"A brilliant course that was well explained and presented by a very knowledgeable trainer. There were many real examples through which it was easier to perceive the presented material." - Manager at NIS

"Very interesting, challenging and educational course. This training is very significant and useful for people who deal with negotiations in their work scope. It built my confidence and knowledge on the ideas, objectives and outcomes of negotiation skills and processes." - Petroleum Brunei



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