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Advanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation (RES08)

  • 17-21 November 20245 daysDoha, QatarCourse Fee: 5550 USD
    Computer Fee: 350 USD


This course is concerned with understanding the underlying phase behaviour important to the description and modelling of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes, and depletion performance of complex fluid systems.

Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops to class.
Exercises will be conducted with cloud-based software with no administration rights required.

Course Level: Advanced / Specialised
Instructor: Whitson AS

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A practicing reservoir engineer and/or researcher dealing with phase behaviour, miscible displacement and compositional / complex black-oil reservoir simulation
  • A process or chemical engineer

How we build your confidence

  • Laboratory experiments and correlations to obtain PVT data will be discussed and illustrated using practical examples
  • You can bring your own PVT reports to discuss with the trainer
  • Fluid characterisation with an EOS using commercial PC-based programs will be performed

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident to:

  • Make decisions about sampling and PVT laboratory procedures required
  • Design and use PVT laboratory reports, including those for gas injection studies
  • Develop EOS models
  • Generate appropriate black-oil PVT tables for reservoir simulation


  • Phase behavior introduction & basics
  • Traditional and modified black-oil PVT properties
  • Fluid sampling. Why and when collect samples? What is a representative sample? Sampling methods. Quality checks of samples.
  • Laboratory PVT experiments - how they are conducted, for what purpose and how they should be applied
  • Using correlations and laboratory data to obtain PVT properties
  • Fluid characterisation with an equation of state (EOS)
  • Heptanes - plus (C7+) characterisation
  • Tuning an EOS by regression
  • Pseudoizing to reduce the number of components
  • Generating modified black-oil properties

Customer Feedback

"Very rich combination given on condensate blockage; Curtis' intervention online was quite intensive." - Surveillance Manager at Dolphin

"I liked the exercises, supportive material, instructors' patience and collaboration." - Simulation Manager at Dolphin

"Nice progression from basics to the more advanced topics, instructors are very open to answer all questions." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"The course was a summary for all PVT related work from taking a sample to the analysis. I liked the online course with recording option and this is a good option with online trainings, so I can go back to the materials once needed." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"It was not about the agenda, but we could ask and take time till we understand." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"The instructors have a very strong technical background." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"The professionalism of the instructors and quality of delivery of the course including the course material has really been a master class. I am especially impressed by the instructor's know-how or excellent grasp of every aspect of the PVT course. Addition of up-to-date techniques or methodologies to the course makes it very relevant to current advancement. And thanks for the references. Huge worth of knowledge shared there. Much appreciated. Well-done to all." - Reservoir Engineer at ERC Equipoise

"The delivery technique by the instructors especially writing out solutions/notes makes the online session feel like a face-to-face delivery." - Reservoir Engineer at ERC Equipoise

"Excellent material, knowledge of Curtis is unmatched." - Reservoir Engineer at Trident

"Very impressed with the overall organisation of the course involving the material, setting and data supplied. Moe and Curtis are a great team!" - Petroleum Engineer at Chrysaor

"Focused, to the point and it covers all important aspects of PVT & EOS. I got more than I expected." - Reservoir Engineer at Tatweer

"Knowledge of Curtis is unmatchable." - Reservoir Engineer at PDO

"In depth analysis and explanation of topics" - Sr. Reservoir Engineer at Tullow

"The entire course showed me a lot of things I 'did not know that I didn't know' and opened my mind to the applications of PVT analysis and EOS Fluid Characterisation." - Reservoir Engineer at Repsol



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