Underground Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen will play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. Green Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water and powered from renewables, is the long-term and low/zero-carbon way to produce hydrogen.

Blue Hydrogen, produced from fossil fuels and combined with underground CO2 storage (CCUS, CCS), will probably help to scale up the hydrogen economy and bridge the gap between Green Hydrogen and those methods currently dominating hydrogen generation (but emitting large quantities of CO2) such as Grey Hydrogen, produced from natural gas through a steam methane reformation process, and Brown Hydrogen, produced from coal gasification.

Hydrogen storage is essential for smooth operations of the hydrogen economy. Underground (geological) storage in depleted gas and oil reservoirs, aquifers and salt caverns appear to be the best option for large-scale and long-term storage of hydrogen. Technical challenges remain with the implementation at commercial scale and reactions with rocks, fluids and micro-organisms need to be well understood.

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What we can do for you:

Identify reservoirs and aquifers suitable for
conversion to hydrogen storage

Determine data acquisition requirements

Assess for suitable geological conditions (depth, overburden cap rock, minor tectonic overprinting, etc.)

Determine caprock and sealing capacity

Perform lab experiments, tests and analyses

Describe, characterise, model and history match the reservoirs planned for conversion to hydrogen storage

Determine the capacity, injection and production profiles
of hydrogen storage operations

Assess the interaction with reservoir rocks and fluids

Determine location, trajectory and completion of
hydrogen storage wells

Assess the subsurface risk of hydrogen operations
and how to mitigate

Design environmental monitoring (reservoir, groundwater, soil and atmosphere) procedures and related environmental management

Red triangle cornerUnderground Hydrogen Storage is a key element for the hydrogen energy supply.

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