Underground CO2 Storage

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS, CCS) are important emission reduction technologies that can be applied across energy systems. CCS / CCUS technologies involve the permanent CO2 storage deep underground in geological formations.

CCS in combination with hydrogen produced from fossil fuels (“Blue Hydrogen”) can be a driver short-term for scaling up the hydrogen economy, and CCUS, in combination with clean hydrogen produced from renewables (“Green Hydrogen”), will eventually help to decarbonise a wide range of industry and transportation sectors, thereby significantly improving air quality and energy security.

Our extensive experience with reservoir characterisation, modelling and simulation of underground multi-phase fluid flow in porous and permeable systems makes us the preferred partner for operators planning underground CO2 storage facilities.

We are also initiator and founding member of UEST, a centre of excellence for underground energy storage technologies.

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What we can do for you:

Identify reservoirs and aquifers suitable for conversion to underground carbon dioxide storage (CCS / CCUS)

Assess the feasibility of CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations

Determine data acquisition requirements

Assess for suitable geological conditions
(depth, overburden cap rock, minor tectonic overprinting, etc.)

Determine caprock and sealing capacity

Perform lab experiments, tests and analyses

Describe, characterise, model and history match the
reservoirs planned for conversion to underground CO2 storage

Determine the capacity, injection and production profiles
of CCS / CCUS operations

Assess the impact of CO2-stream impurities
and how to mitigate

Advise on CO2 pre-conditioning, injection and utilization
(e.g. for EOR application)

Determine location, trajectory and
completion of CO2 storage wells

Assess the subsurface risk of CCS/CCUS operations
and how to mitigate

Design environmental monitoring (reservoir, groundwater,
soil and atmosphere) procedures and related
environmental management

Red triangle cornerUnderground carbon dioxide storage (CCS, CCUS) is vital for an expanding Green and Blue Hydrogen Economy.

Questions? Our expertise is your solution:

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