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Geothermal Drilling Technology (DRI13)

  • To be announced for 2025


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the technology and engineering required to successfully design and execute geothermal wells. It covers basic drilling principles analysed from the point of view of a geothermal developer. The geothermal aspects of drilling processes and how they affect the well plan, well construction and overall budget are also presented.

Course Level: Foundation
Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Catalin Teodoriu

Designed for you, if you are...

  • An engineer with little or no background in drilling technology or petroleum science
  • A geologist or any professional involved in geothermal project planning and management

How we build your confidence

The course is structured by presenting the basic drilling technology and then linking it with the features of geothermal drilling activities.
The course will cover the following drilling aspects:
  • Design and evaluation of well drilling systems
  • Identification and solution of drilling problems associated with geothermal wells
  • Mud design for elevated temperatures, well control, casing design
  • Well cementing

Some exercises (drilling costs calculation, casing loads) will be used to highlight the most important aspects of geothermal well construction.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The basics of drilling engineering related to geothermal applications
  • The interdependency between geothermal well drilling and the oil & gas business
  • The specific tools needed to drill a well in general and specifically for geothermal drilling
  • The technologies involved to date for drilling at rig site
  • An overview of drilling costs


  • Short history of drilling engineering
  • Introduction to geothermal engineering
  • Drilling a well and drilling methods
  • Drilling rig components and drilling rigs classification
  • Overview of rock mechanics process
  • Effect of geothermal reservoir on the rock mechanics process
  • Drilling fluids and wellbore hydraulics
  • Drill bits and their application
  • Drill string components
  • Downhole motors and downhole tools
  • Prime drivers, rotary system
  • Hoisting system, mud circulation system
  • Casing and cementing of geothermal wells
  • Well completions for geothermal applications
  • Special aspects of geothermal drilling
  • Effect of high temperature on drilling mud
  • Economic aspects of geothermal drilling
  • Well control
  • Drilling problems related to geothermal drilling
  • Special drilling techniques for geothermal drilling

Customer Feedback

"Well organised training with excellent instructor." - Engineer at MOL

"Very good trainer with high level practical knowledge of geothermal drilling, well integrity." - Engineer at MOL



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