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September 2018
3-6 September 20184 daysIntroduction to Petroleum Economics (PBM21)Vienna
9-13 September 20185 daysEOR: Miscible Gas Injection (RES47)Doha
10-14 September 20185 daysEOR Polymer Flooding - Lessons learnt from Field Applications (PRO15)Vienna
10-14 September 20185 daysOperations Geology (GEO13)Vienna
11-14 September 20184 daysWell Stimulation Technologies (PRE15)Bogota
17-19 September 20183 daysDepth Conversion and Seismic Velocity Model: An Applied Workshop (GPH08)Vienna
17-20 September 20184 daysWell Integrity Technologies (PRE17)Bogota
17-20 September 20184 daysInternational Natural Gas Business - Market Entry Strategy and Commercial Contract Conception (PBM13)Vienna
17-20 September 20184 daysGeophysical Reservoir Characterisation (GPH01)Atyrau
17-20 September 20184 daysSurface Production Operations Workshop (PRO06)Aktau
17-21 September 20185 daysAdvanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation (RES08)Vienna
17-21 September 20185 daysCarbonate Geology for Oil and Gas Exploration & Development (GEO02)Vienna
25-26 September 20182 daysContracting Fundamentals - A Practice Related Briefing for Non-Lawyers (CON01)Vienna
October 2018
1-4 October 20184 daysSand Management and Disposal Program (PRO12)Bogota
1-5 October 20185 daysProduction Engineering (PRE12)London
8-9 October 20182 daysMicroseismic Monitoring in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs (GPH41)Vienna
8-10 October 20183 daysPlay Assessment and Prospect Evaluation (GEO56)Vienna
8-10 October 20183 daysChange Leadership (MAN49)Vienna
8-11 October 20184 daysModern History Matching (RES63)Doha
8-12 October 20185 daysPetroleum Systems and Play Analysis (GEO45)Vienna
8-12 October 20185 daysGas Engineering - Reservoir and Production (PRE29)Vienna
8-12 October 20185 daysWell Completion Design for Reservoirs with Sanding Problems (PRO11)Bogota
14-17 October 20184 daysCementing Technologies (DRI30)Abu Dhabi
14-18 October 20185 daysHealth, Safety and Environment - Integrated Management System (HSE04)Amman
14-18 October 20185 daysIntegrated Petrophysics for Reservoir Characterisation (PPH02)Dubai
14-18 October 20185 daysWell Testing Operations, Interpretation and Design (RES39)Doha
15-19 October 20185 daysModern Project Management (MAN33)Vienna
15-19 October 20185 daysEnhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals (RES03)Vienna
15-19 October 20185 daysStructural Geology, Stratigraphic Architecture and Trap Styles of Sicily FTB - A Multidisciplinary Approach on the Field (FTP07)Palermo
21-23 October 20183 daysExploration Economics (PBM19)Muscat
21-24 October 20184 daysWell Stimulation Technologies (PRE15)Abu Dhabi
21-25 October 20185 daysHazard Identification and Hazard Operability Study in Oil & Gas (HSE08)Amman
21-25 October 20185 daysIntegrated Petrophysics for Carbonate & Fractured Reservoirs - A Roadmap (PPH03)Dubai
22-25 October 20184 daysCarbonate Reservoir Characterisation on the Field (FTP08)Palermo
22-26 October 20185 daysProject Management Professional PMP Certification Preparation - Fostered by Project Management Simulation (MAN31)Vienna
23-25 October 20183 daysPlay Mapping and Exploration Strategy - A Hands-on Approach (GEO34)Bogota
28-30 October 20183 daysIntegrated Petrophysics for Unconventional Reservoirs (UCR03)Dubai
28-30 October 20183 daysHydrocarbon Exploration and Production - a Primer / A Comprehensive Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry (INT07)Muscat
28-31 October 20184 daysIntroduction to Refining Technologies and Refinery Conception (REF01)Dubai
29-30 October 20182 daysMastering Finance for Non-Financial Oil & Gas Personnel (FIN04)Vienna
29-31 October 20183 daysExploration & Production Accounting - Level 1 (FIN01)Vienna
31 Oct-1 Nov 20182 daysRenewable Energy Primer (REN01)Dubai
November 2018
5-9 November 20185 daysExploration & Production Accounting - Level 2 (FIN02)Vienna
11-15 November 20185 daysFundamentals in Petrophysical Log Interpretation: Theory and Practice (PPH23)Doha
12-14 November 20183 daysPractical Methods for Interpreting Deep-Water Reservoirs (GEO53)London
12-16 November 20185 daysExploration & Production Accounting - Level 3 (FIN03)Vienna
25-29 November 20185 daysWaterflooding: Performance Predictions and Surveillance (RES28)Doha
26-30 November 20185 daysPore Pressure, Fracture Pressure and Wellbore Stability Management (GEO21)Vienna
December 2018
3-6 December 20184 daysPetroleum Economics, Business and Decision Making (PBM02)Vienna
9-12 December 20184 daysArtificial Lift Systems Design, Diagnosis, Operations and Optimisation (PRE03)Abu Dhabi
10-13 December 20184 daysThe Winning Toolkit for New Managers and Difficult Times (MAN45)Vienna
To be announced5 daysAdvanced Drilling Technologies (DRI14)
To be announced5 daysAdvanced Reservoir Simulation Technologies (RES06)
To be announced5 daysAdvanced Well Log Interpretation (PPH26)
To be announced5 daysAuditing in the Exploration & Production Industry (FIN05)
To be announced5 daysBasic Formation Evaluation (PPH28)
To be announced5 daysCarbonate Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling (RES62)
To be announced5 daysContracts Strategy & Management (CON02)
To be announced4 daysCore Analysis Fundamentals and Technology (RES45)
To be announced4 daysDigital Core Analysis (RES40)
To be announced5 daysDirectional, Horizontal and Multilateral Drilling (DRI08)
To be announced3 daysEffective Technical Writing for Exploration and Production Staff - A Structured System (SSK24)
To be announced5 daysEnhanced Oil Recovery: Fundamentals and Applications (RES31)
To be announced5 daysFundamental Skills for Petroleum Geoscientists (GEO11)
To be announced5 daysIntegrated Reservoir Geology Field Trip: Reservoir Characterisation of Fluvial, Estuarine & Deltaic Deposits in Modern and Ancient Environments (FTP09)
To be announced4 daysIntegrated Reservoir Studies: The Project Management Approach (PBM07)
To be announced5 daysInternational Oil & Gas Exploitation Contracts (CON03)
To be announced5 daysIntroduction to Drilling Engineering (DRI20)
To be announced5 daysIntroduction to Petroleum Prospect Appraisal (GEO25)
To be announced4 daysIntroduction to Surface Facilities (FAC01)
To be announced5 daysLog Quality Control and Petrophysics (PPH25)
To be announced3 daysModelling and Managing Uncertainty in the Subsurface (RES38)
To be announced5 daysNaturally Fractured Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (RES61)
To be announced5 daysNegotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry (SSK10)
To be announced6 daysNorth Atlantic Margin Petroleum Systems, Morocco (FTP06)
To be announced5 daysOil & Gas Field Life Cycle, Field Development and Planning (PBM26)
To be announced5 daysOpen and Cased Hole Log Interpretation (PPH29)
To be announced5 daysPetroleum Geoscience for Non-Geologists (GEO29)
To be announced5 daysPetroleum Geostatistics - Integrating Data for Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (GEO07)
To be announced5 daysProblem Solving and Decision Making (SSK36)
To be announced5 daysProduction Assurance - Troubleshooting and Guidelines in Oil & Gas Operations (PRO04)
To be announced5 daysReservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers (RES01)
To be announced3 daysReservoir Modelling Workflows (GEO20)
To be announced3 daysSuccess in Multicultural Teams (SSK52)
To be announced4 daysThe Senior Management Program: Developing Leadership Capacity (MAN30)
To be announced5 daysTime, Personal Organisation and Stress Management (SSK38)

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