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Our vast subsurface experience comes from more than 30 years of characterising, modelling and simulating oil & gas reservoirs and aquifers. During this time, we have also proudly supported our customers in developing and extending underground gas storage facilities and operations to cope with the increasing, yet fluctuating, seasonal energy demand.

Our knowledge of geological principles, underground flow processes, and production, injection and storage operations, has made us a prime partner for aquifer and groundwater resources management and for designing, planning and developing carbon dioxide (CCS) and hydrogen storage operations and facilities.

We are also initiator and founding member of UEST, a centre of excellence for underground energy storage technologies.

“While our core business originated in and still centres around the upstream oil and gas industry, HOT’s innovations, technologies and solutions are scalable, expandable and portable across other energy systems and industries, and have made us a trusted advisor and partner for energy transition and innovative and sustainable energy solutions and subsurface energy systems.”

– Dr Diethard Kratzer, Founder and CEO

Red triangle cornerOur extensive underground knowledge has made us a prime partner for the energy transition and environment preservation.

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