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Ready to be at the forefront of the global energy revolution? HOT offers a comprehensive and continuously expanding portfolio of energy transition courses. Browse our training courses on energy transition and gain a leading edge to shape the global energy future!

Energy Transition & Renewable Energy Courses

In-house and public sessions

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Business Development for Subsurface Decarbonisation Projects

Upstream organisations seem to be ideally prepared to engage in subsurface decarbonisation ventures. This course highlights the case for change, criteria for successful business development projects and a range of medium-term scenarios for these business segments. Available as online course or classroom session.

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Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Engineering

This extensive course covers all the fundamental concepts and operation of renewable energy generation systems that may be used in energy transition scenarios to achieve net zero targets. IChemE accredited course (35 CPD hours). Available as a self-paced e-learning course.

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Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling for the Energy Transition

This interdisciplinary course tackles challenges in creating accurate reservoir models of (fractured) carbonate reservoirs across a range of subsurface reservoir applications that support the transition to a sustainable low-carbon energy future. Available as online course or classroom session.

Reservoir Models / © S. Geiger & P. Corbett

Naturally Fractured Reservoir Modelling and Simulation for the Energy Transition

Gain practical insights into modelling and simulating naturally fractured reservoirs, addressing key challenges and providing guidelines for meaningful simulation models supporting the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy. Available as online course or classroom session.

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Integration of Oil & Gas Infrastructure for the Energy Transition

Delve into emerging technologies, evolving legal boundaries, and the adaptability of oil and gas infrastructure, fostering support for new energy carriers and facilitating the transition to net-zero emissions. Available as online course or classroom session.

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Petrophysics for Geothermal Applications

Master the art of utilising and interpreting well logs near geothermal sites to reduce uncertainties and make meaningful petrophysical assessments for geothermal energy feasibility through this immersive, hands-on course. Available as online course.

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Geothermal Drilling Technology

Gain a solid understanding of geothermal well design and execution,  drilling principles from a geothermal developer’s perspective, and the impact of geothermal aspects on well planning, construction, and budget. Available as online course or classroom session.

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Geothermal Engineering

Explore all aspects and scales of geothermal use, from preliminary resource assessment to project implementation! Available as online course or classroom session.

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CCS for Reservoir Engineers

Discover the reservoir engineering skills required for safe and effective storage of CO2 in the subsurface geologic formations. Available as classroom session.

Reservoir Model / © HOT Energy Group

Geological Storage of CO2:
Pick the Right Reservoir

Get answers to the essential questions for a CO2 storage project, using historical practices developed in the oil and gas industry and adapting engineering design concepts to the CO2 storage task. Available as online course or classroom session.

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Subsurface CO2 Sequestration

Develop your understanding of subsurface CO2 storage in aquifers, hydrocarbon reservoirs, and methane coalbed seams, and learn how to design and select CO2 sequestration projects effectively. Available as classroom session.

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Green Hydrogen

Explore the demands, processes, and applications of hydrogen, with a focus on green hydrogen in the energy revolution. Gain a clear understanding of its use, limitations, and economics. Available as online course.

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Underground Hydrogen Storage – Storage Principles and Operations

Discover the role of hydrogen in a renewable energy system. Learn about underground gas storage, properties of hydrogen, and relevant policies and regulations for safe operations. Available as classroom session.

Windmill in nature

Renewable Energy Primer

In this course, you’ll explore the potential of renewable energy while addressing storage, distribution, and critical resource challenges. Available as online course or classroom session.

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