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High Impact Presentation Skills (SSK54)


    During this hands-on, experiential based course participants will develop their skills and personal style through a combination of learning and - essentially - the use of immediate feedback from the peer group on their developing abilities, as over the 3-day period they build and deliver increasingly high impact presentations.
    Whether you are presenting to the board, to shareholders, employees or the public, your presentation and delivery management skills at this level are critical. They will make the difference between you and your presentation being a resounding success and a total failure.

    This course can be designed for all levels of experience: For professionals with little or no presenting experience, who would like to develop their presentation skills to ensure that their presentations have maximum impact; as well as for those who have already some experience in presenting but are ready to take those skills a stage further.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Instructor: Tony Copeman

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • New to presenting and would like to develop the styles and techniques to allow you to present with confidence and clarity
    • Someone who has presented before, but keen to improve your presentation and presentation management skills to ensure your presentations are effective, impactful and professional
    • A manager with prior experience in delivering presentations and public speaking
    • An executive who needs to speak in front of groups such as fellow board and leadership groups, shareholders, employees or the public
    • Aware that whilst your presentation and presentation management skills are generally good, having the opportunity to enhance these skills will be of great personal and professional benefit

    How we build your confidence

    A blend of delivery styles ensures that all learning patterns are catered for and attendees not only gain the maximum advantage of the information provided and discussed, but also the confidence to own it. Core to this journey is the application of the widely acclaimed 70:20:10 model of learning where you will engage in understanding and discussing the aspects covered, interpret these into practical and relevant application and then truly discover and refine these skills through “live” application of practice and peer-to-peer feedback.

    The benefits from attending

    Through attending this 3-day course in enhancing your skills to deliver high impact presentations you will:
    • Develop your understanding and ability to build clear, compelling and motivational presentations
    • Ensure that your presentation is one that is remembered for all of the right reasons
    • Break down complex information and material into a structure that is not only easy for you to manage when under the inherent pressure of delivering high level presentations, but to do so in such a way that your audience understands and connects with your key messages
    • Bring inspiration into your delivery so that it serves to create a “will do” approach amongst your audience as a consequence
    • Create presentations that from the very beginning grab the attention of your audience, go on to develop their engagement through the use of structure that builds a story, highlights key points and finishes with a clear call to action that lasts and has impact
    • Be able to understand, manage and bond with different audience dynamics
    • Be able to confidently manage difficult audiences
    • Understand the impact your physiology and tonality have in building your personal presence and use this to project self-assurance and excite others to action
    • Understand and capitalise on your strengths
    • Understand and mitigate against your weaknesses
    • Practice every element, receive instant feedback and develop your personal style in delivering presentations with high impact


    • What makes an effective presentation?
    • Presenting information in a clear, concise and positive manner that connects with the audience
    • Common causes of ineffective presentations
    • Perfect preparation, ensuring that purpose, audience and desired outcome are captured
    • Building a presentation structure that has natural flow and logical development
    • Creating an instant positive first impact to build credibility and rapport
    • Communicating to enhance credibility, project enthusiasm, competency and confidence
    • Physiology and tonality - how to step out of your communication comfort zone and exploit physiology and tonality to bring your audience in
    • Building the story to achieve a greater impact and have your audience feeling inspired
    • Motivating your audience to take action
    • Recognising and managing audience dynamics of all types
    • Maintaining your professionalism, composure and control in high pressure situations




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