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Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Production (FAC09)


    This course is a broad introduction to oil and gas development. It conveys a background understanding of the origins of oil and gas, how subsurface developments are decided and how these link with the selection of the surface facilities development.
    Primary surface oil and gas production systems are covered including export systems from pipelines to oil terminals and tankers.
    Both onshore and offshore production systems are described and the offshore systems include fixed structures, floating systems and subsea systems.
    The course includes an introduction to the basic principles of project development including handling uncertainties, HSE and managing risk. It also provides a basic understanding of the role of operations in managing the reservoir, wells and facilities through field life.

    Course Level: Foundation
    Duration: 4 days
    Instructor: Phil Tudhope

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A facilities or process engineer, either a graduate or a more experienced technical professional looking to develop theoretical competence
    • A project manager who seeks greater understanding of the process and mechanical design of plants
    • An operations engineer looking to deepen your knowledge of the design principles of the plants
    • A sub-surface engineer seeking to broaden your technical knowledge

    How we build your confidence

    The course links theory to application. It reinforces this through real industry problems and examples which are solved by the participants as part of the sessions.
    The course is highly interactive and participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and problems to the benefit of all.

    The benefits from attending

    • By the end of the course you will have a basic understanding of the different types of oil and gas reservoirs and how they can be developed from a subsurface perspective. You will be able to link the selection of the subsurface development to the choices for the surface handling and product export facilities.
    • You will appreciate the technical differences between the major concepts for offshore production systems; fixed structures, floating systems and subsea systems. You will also have seen examples of typical onshore production systems and learnt about pipelines, export terminal and tanker transport.
    • You will also have an introduction to the principles of project development including handling uncertainties and risk and the basics of HSE management. You will also appreciate the important role of Operations and managing the wells and reservoir production throughout field life.


    Oil & Gas Origins, Exploration and Subsurface Development
    • Origins of oil & gas
    • The oil & gas lifecycle
      - Cash flow for an oil & gas project
    • Exploration & appraisal
      - Seismic acquisition
      - Exploration drilling
      - Appraisal & prospect evaluation
    • Sub-surface development
      - Estimating volumes of reserves
      - Reservoir recovery mechanisms
      - Artificial lift
      - Secondary, tertiary & enhanced oil recovery

    Surface Facilities
    • Primary production systems
    • Oil processing (stabilisation, dehydration, desalting)
    • Water processing
    • Water injection
    • Gas processing

    Offshore Production Systems
    • Offshore structures
    • Floating systems
    • Basics of flow assurance
    • Subsea engineering

    Onshore Systems and Project Development
    • Onshore plants
    • Export systems
      - Pipelines
      - Export terminals
      - Tankers
    • Project development
      - Health safety & environment
      - Handling uncertainties
      - Managing risk
    • Introduction to operations & maintenance
    • Introduction to well & reservoir management



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