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ONLINE: Oil and Gas Industry Essentials (INT909)


    This course provides a holistic overview of the oil and gas industry. It covers both the exploration and production phases and provides a review of the fundamentals of petroleum economics and contracts, risk and project management.

    Course Structure: 5 modules of 3 hours each, delivered over 5 days
    Each day will consist of 1 module which will be no more than 3 hours in length with multiple breaks.

    Course Level: Foundation
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Pete Smith

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Technical or non-technical staff with limited experience in the oil and gas industry
    • A new graduate company entrant

    How we build your confidence

    This is a five-session online course and has been designed using an extensive range of learning techniques. It accommodates various learning styles, e.g. lectures supported and illustrated by worked examples, case studies and follow-up exercises, group exercises and quizzes to give assurance that key learnings are accomplished.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will have fundamental knowledge and skills to allow you to be a valuable contributor to oil and gas industry operations. Specifically, you will have:

    • Developed a broad knowledge of the key elements of the oil and gas industry
    • Understood the financial and commercial elements of the oil and gas industry
    • Understood the broad technical underpinnings of aspects of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and production engineering
    • Developed tools for the application of technical knowledge to daily operations and projects
    • Acquired appropriate skills to become an effective performer, specifically in areas of project management, teamwork and negotiations


    Session 1
    • Introduction
    • World petroleum industry
    • Geological fundamentals - sedimentary basins
    • The petroleum system - source rocks
    • Reservoir exploration
    • Exploration prospect risk estimation
    • Well logging, flow testing and fluid sampling for PVT analysis

    Session 2
    • Estimating volumes of oil and gas in place
    • Concept of resources and reserves - primary, secondary and tertiary recovery
    • Field development concepts
    • Development wells and production facilities
    • Transporting oil and gas
    • Refining, marketing and sales

    Session 3
    • Oil price determinants
    • Economic cost model
    • Transportation and pipeline tariffs
    • Volumetric calculations - reserves estimating methods and classification Comparison of fiscal systems - optimal government take
    • Discounted cashflow projections - net present value & internal rate of return

    Session 4
    • Production sharing contracts
    • Basics of project management
    • Triple constraint-scope, schedule & cost
    • Project risks to delivery
    • Tools required to manage risks effectively
    • Developing contingency plans

    Session 5
    • Enhancing creativity
    • Strategic Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Negotiations

    Customer Feedback

    "The course provided an excellent overview of the O&G industry focusing on economics of oil and gas." - HSSE Executive at Brunei National Petroleum Company

    "Very important course for non-professionals in government and industry. The instructor Pete Smith did a very good job, was very open to questions & responses, communicating extremely well with the students." - Senior Economist



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