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Modern History Matching (RES63)


    This course addresses the broad topic of history matching in reservoir simulation, which entails the calibration of numerical flow simulation models to measured field data. It presents modern history matching approaches, focusing on the latest developments in the field, with special emphasis given to modifying geological parameters while maintaining geological consistency.
    The course will provide theoretical reservoir simulation and history matching concepts, workflows and examples.

    This course can also be arranged as a 5-day "Workshop" with field case examples and practical exercises. Please contact training@hoteng.com for further details.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 4 days
    Instructor: Leonhard Ganzer

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A reservoir engineer or geoscientist interested in gaining a perspective on modern history matching techniques, particularly related to retaining geo-consistency as well as using a more modern data integration approach
    • Familiar with reservoir simulation and geological model building, as well as reservoir engineering concepts

    How we build your confidence

    Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions on their experience with simulation studies. Best practices for history matching and simulation artefacts are explained with examples useful for project work. The key role of sensitivity analysis in identifying influential model parameters is described. Best practices and common pitfalls in history matching are presented. Exchange among the participants during the course is stimulated and will optimise the learning event.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • Artefacts and sensitive model parameters in reservoir simulation models
    • Sources of uncertainty and how to quantify their impact on flow simulation
    • Best practices in history matching
    • Basic concepts behind modern assisted history matching methods
    • Geologically-consistent history matching
    • Common pitfalls in reservoir modelling and history matching
    • Methods and concepts behind commercial software solutions
    • Future trends


    • Introduction to reservoir simulation and history matching
      - What is a reservoir simulator; what is a reservoir model?
      - Artefacts and benefits of simulation models
      - What is history matching?
    • Static reservoir models
      - Data at different scales
      - From static to dynamic models
      - Upscaling and challenges
    • Review of reservoir flow modelling
      - Uncertainty in static reservoir models
      - Uncertainty in dynamic reservoir models
      - Assumptions and errors
    • History matching workflows
    • Parameter sensitivities
    • Model evaluation and screening
    • History matching under data uncertainty
      - Manual vs. assisted history matching
      - Single vs. multi-model approach
      - History match quality and objective function
    • Discussion of existing history matching workflows

    Customer Feedback

    "A well structured manual of history matching workflow." - Reservoir Engineer at PPL

    "Overall excellent content and delivery." - Reservoir Engineer at PPL



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