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Lean Six Sigma (MAN51)


    Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of continuous improvement that emphasises employee involvement and teamwork; measuring and systematising processes; and reducing variation and waste.

    We offer full range of Lean and Six Sigma trainings from awareness to Black Belt levels, from 2 days up to 3 weeks and our training sessions are completely tailor-made to the needs of the client. Our trainer is a certified Master Black Belt from GE school and has over 20 years of experience in different industries.
    Please contact us for an initial discussion and needs analysis, so we can guide you to find the best solution for you and your team.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Duration: 0 days
    Instructor: Kubilay Balci

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Interested in improving your organisation
    • Keen to make a leap in your career with a Lean Six Sigma Certification
    • Already involved in any continuous improvement initiative
    • Experiencing challenges in your organisation and willing to fix them
    • Just a curious person who likes problem solving

    How we build your confidence

    The Lean Six Sigma courses cover the relevant amount of theory and combine it with exercises to practise methods and tools.
    • Face-to-face training from a certified Master Black Belt, including
    • Real life examples and experiences
    • Individual and group exercises to master the methods & tools
    • Visuals (pictures, flipcharts, videos) to help memorise concepts long term
    • Book, article and video recommendations for further learning

    The benefits from attending

    The courses are designed in a way that participants start at basic level and get deeper and further information in each level they take (from beginner to expert).
    The basic level is about understanding the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement (CI), then participants will get gradually introduced to Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, as well as personal development tools to manage larger CI projects. They will be able to:
    • Identify “waste” and know how to eliminate it
    • Start and successfully close Lean Six Sigma projects
    • Understand and apply PDCA and DMAIC models as a framework to organise improvement activities
    • Communicate using Lean Six Sigma concepts
    • Think about an organisation as a collection of processes, with inputs that determine the output
    • Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to the overall business mission and objectives
    • Use Minitab Statistical Software *
    • Receive “Certificate of Participation” **

    * we use Minitab free trial version during the training, it is up to the client to buy full license
    ** also note, a Lean Six Sigma “Belt” Certificate requires not only attending the training but also showing the practical knowledge and abilities by (1) passing an exam and (2) successfully completing projects.


    • History of Lean Six Sigma
    • Continuous Improvement Philosophy
    • Lean thinking
      - Theory of constraints
      - 5 principles of Lean
      - Tools & methods (5S, 7 wastes; value stream mapping; Kanban, SMED, Poka Yoke
      - PDCA cycle
    • Six Sigma
    • What is Six Sigma? Input / output (X and Y) relationship
    • Basic statistics
    • DMAIC cycle
      - Define the problems and objectives
      - Measure the current state
      - Analyse the process and the root causes
      - Improve by identifying and implementing solutions
      - Control and sustain the achieved results
    • Minitab statistical software
    • Change management



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