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Value Engineering (MAN48)


    Value Engineering training is an important topic for most professionals in any company. Participants will understand the value of products and processes and learn methods and tools to improve their customer value. Based on functional thinking and a strong cost orientation participants will discuss case studies to improve the value of objects in a systematic way.
    Value Engineering is a team-based, interdisciplinary, target oriented method with a detailed job plan that makes it easy for everyone to carry out value improvement and cost engineering projects.

    This course is based on 3 modules lasting 3 days each and correlates exactly with the Value Engineering training and certifications system EN12973 of the V4E (ValueforEurope for value engineering and training system).
    Participants have the opportunity to be certified according to VE EN12973

    Course Level: Foundation/Skill/Advanced
    Duration: 9 days
    Instructor: Manfred Ninaus

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • An employee inside any organisation, keen to solve complex problems by using Value Engineering / Value Management: designer, product manager, project manager, innovation manager, controller, cost engineer, etc.

    How we build your confidence

    • Basic knowledge is transferred by face-to-face lectures
    • Group works on special topics
    • Execution of a VE study from beginning till the end, VE project description
    • Some group works are supported by Excel templates to simulate daily work

    The benefits from attending

    • The first module teaches the basics of the methodology of Value Engineering / Value Management and gives an insight into the systematic approach of increasing value for customers.
    • In the second module the basic knowledge of Value Engineering / Value Management is increased and deepened. The participants get to know complementary approaches to optimisation. One focus is on target costing using VE / VM – another is on setting up VE projects. Furthermore value engineering with suppliers is addressed. Complex value management projects can be defined and planned by the participants.
    • In the third module, the procedure for the anchoring of Value Engineering / Value Management in the organisation is taught. Participants will understand the value of VE / VM to achieve continuous optimisation. A special focus is on agility with status quo of agile value Engineering.
      VE is applied on services using additional methods of service design.


    • Value Engineering / Value Management system elements
    • Cost calculation basics
    • Framework conditions in VE / VM
    • Agile project management and value engineering
    • Requirements engineering
    • Functional analysis and function costs
    • Generate ideas
    • Interdisciplinary teamwork
    • VE / VM Work Plan EN 12973
    • Processing of a practice-oriented case study
    • Value Engineering / Value Management for innovation (products processes,…)
    • Acquire customer requirements
    • Transferring requirements to functions
    • Target costing
    • Basics product costing
    • Reverse engineering for cost engineering
    • Function costs using target costing
    • Set up of a target system and value cost diagram
    • Team moderation in VE / VM
    • Role play
    • Supplier quality assurance within VE / VM
    • Defining of VE / VM projects
    • Categories of a VE / VM project
    • Set up a VE / VM project
    • Establish a VE / VM description
    • Controlling of optimisation success
    • Overview of additional optimisation approaches
    • Process optimisation with VE / VM
    • Value-oriented company management
    • VE / VM and service design for services



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