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Change Leadership (MAN49)


    Change is inevitable in today’s world, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Companies need to evolve to survive in this fast changing environment: Thus successful execution and sustainability of the change efforts is vital.
    Change Leadership training is designed for leaders who are starting or leading a change initiative in their organisations. You will learn what triggers change; why it is important to understand the real reasons behind the change; why some people like, others don’t like change; what are the methods and tools to ensure change takes place and sustains.
    You will also learn specifically designed tools for projects to ensure the successful closure of projects and sustainability of improvements.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Duration: 2 days
    Instructor: Kubilay Balci

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Initiating, leading or participating in a change effort
    • A project / program manager
    • A team leader
    • Living / working in a changing environment

    How we build your confidence

    This training covers the relevant amount of theory and combines it with interactive discussions and exercises to practise methods and tools. Modular design of the sessions enables us to combine different blocks and to customise the sessions to the needs of the group.
    • Face-to-face training, including
    • Real life examples and experiences
    • Interactive group discussions and exercises to master the methods & tools
    • Visuals (pictures, flipcharts, videos) to help memorise concepts long term
    • Book, article and video recommendations for further learning

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident to:

    • Understand the concept of change starting from Macro down to Micro level:
      - Why change happens, what is the natural reaction of human beings to change
      - How can we lead a change effort
      - Tools to use in our daily life
    • Prepare your team for the changes and accompany them throughout the journey
    • Lead the change and transform the culture


    • What is change?
    • Why does it happen? Why now? Internal - external factors
    • Your role in change - WIIFM
    • Is there an opportunity in every change?
    • Change models
      - Lewin’s model
      - Kotter’s 8 step model
      - ADKAR model
    • Each project is a change project
    • Change tools for projects
      - Lewin’s model
      - GE’s CAP (Change Acceleration Process) model
    • Communication
      - Facilitation skills
    • How to ensure successful execution and sustainability
      - Tools for sustainability

    Customer Feedback

    "First of all thank you for having the workshop in the first place - I have been through many such events, yet this one was different, enjoyable and with several quick wins." - Finance Manager of a Water Supply Company

    "I enjoyed very much the practical examples." - Project Manager of a Paper Packaging Company



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