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Geothermal Exploration & Development (ETR09)


    This course will address questions about why a major move in the energy industry towards geothermal developments is required to achieve sustainability goals and net-zero emissions. The benefits, opportunities, but also challenges and risks of geothermal exploration and development projects will be presented and discussed. In addition, the need for new structured workflows for geothermal exploration and development projects will be highlighted and handrails for such workflows will be provided based on know-how as developed in the hydrocarbon industry. Aim is to support expediting the journey towards sustainable and decentralized new energy solutions and at the same time prepare to avoid common pitfalls in project developments.

    COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS: Internet Access, MS Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint)
    Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops to class.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Jürgen Grötsch

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A geoscientist, well engineer, reservoir engineer, production technologist or other energy professional who is working on renewable energy developments
    • A stakeholder involved in geothermal projects
    • A professional or decision maker from the energy and service industry or a public sector involved in or planning to work on geothermal projects
    • A particularly staff from smaller company, new venture or city council aiming to avoid common pitfalls and the triggering of technical or non-technical risks

    How we build your confidence

    This course comprises a mixture of lectures, exercises, case studies, discussions and feedback sessions. The course follows the discover, ask and learn approach.

    The benefits from attending

    The training course has the following goals:
    • Provide an introduction to geothermal heat as a renewable energy resource
    • Present a global overview of current geothermal energy production capacity
    • Illustrate the additional potential of geothermal exploration
    • Highlight which countries are currently leading in geothermal developments and why
    • Present the main sources and reservoirs of geothermal energy
    • Discuss geothermal potential for power vs heat generation
    • Highlight the differences between fracture and matrix geothermal developments
    • Showcase the importance of matrix porosity and permeability in sedimentary rocks
    • Understand the workflow of exploration - Play Based Geothermal Exploration (PBGE)
    • Summarise subsurface and surface technologies and development options
    • Present and discuss a number of leading edge geothermal projects
    • Introduce the basics of geothermal economics
    • Compare geothermal projects with other energy developments
    • Highlight potential of additional benefits of geothermal developments
    • Provide an outlook for geothermal energy in the decades ahead
    • Discuss the main challenges and technical risks involved in harnessing geothermal energy
    • Address non-technical risks in geothermal project developments


    • Fundamentals of geothermal energy
    • Play-based Exploration for geothermal energy (PBGE)
    • Development of geothermal energy projects (GFDP)
    • Benefits of geothermal energy projects
    • Common pitfalls and risks in geothermal projects



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