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Effective Change Management (SSK57)


    Organisations are becoming increasingly change centric in their definition as they continually seek ways to improve and develop. Whether this is through redefining roles, developing new products and services, opening new markets, creating new systems and processes or introducing structure modifications, change and transformational change goes on around us all of the time: The pace of it only ever increases, the risks only ever grow, the impacts are always more profound. It is no wonder that effective change management is such a core business skill and yet it is alarming how few have ever had the opportunity to be given a methodical structure within which to deliver successful change that contributes to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the organisation.
    This course provides participants with a unique opportunity to become fully immersed within a culture of change. To become aware of the attributes and characteristics of effective change projects and transformation programmes and, essentially, spend time engaging with the practicalities of bringing change to life in a measured yet highly effective way.
    Practicing skills and techniques is core to their effective use when back in the organisation and as such during the course topics are introduced by the trainer and framed within the wider change management process. They are then explored in terms of theoretical and practical approaches in order to clearly place them, in the eye of the delegate, within the host organisation.
    In applying the skills and techniques the delegate cohort will be working in break out groups throughout the course and in these groups will be applying the subject matter by creating a change initiative and applying each topic to form their own blue print case study of applied change.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 3 days
    Instructor: Tony Copeman

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Confronting change and feel that on some level the process is not as effective or well managed as it could or should be
    • About to lead a programme of change, regardless of its size and reach, but feel that some guidance on best practice would increase your chances of success
    • Charged with the responsibility of others as change goes on all around us and the impacts on our teams can be truly devastating or hugely positive, the difference being if managing change well

    How we build your confidence

    • A blend of delivery styles to ensure that all participant learning patterns are catered for: oral, visual & kinesthetic.
    • Course content will follow a format of: introduction of a topic, discussion, debate and practical use of the topic to aid theoretical understanding and to place the topic within the organisational need.
    • Throughout the day participants will be required to contribute through the use of structured debate and short work-out groups.

    The benefits from attending

    The emphasis of learning over this short course is to provide a framework within which to fully understand and successfully implement a managed change environment.
    The course will provide the participants with not just a framework of change but provide them with the courage and attitude that enables them to respond positively to change, to not fear change but to proactively seek innovative and have at their disposal approaches that enable them to go on and lead transformation.


    Session 1: The Characteristics of Change
    • Change goes on all around us and at an increasing pace but what does this mean to me, my business, my life?
    • Understanding how this has an enormous impact on people by being exposed to the Change Adoption Curve
    • The power of “Try Easier”
    • Where does change come from ~ the lenses that drive change, their opportunities and their threats
    • The Eight fundamental steps to successful change

    Session 2: Essential Leadership Through Change
    • The roles people adopt and how these develop in a changing environment
    • Understanding and applying influencing models for ensuring buy in and commitment to change

    Session 3: Building and Delivering the Vision
    • The need for both a Strategic and Tactical perspective
    • The need for clarity around the “story”, how emotion and feeling play a major part in your success
    • Build the change vision statement incorporating keys to successful communication

    Session 4: Building and Implementing the Change Plan
    • The reality of success vs failure in change and the enormous impact this brings to you, your team, your business, your stakeholders and shareholders
    • Building in the steps to manage the implementation plan

    Session 5: Building the People Plan
    • Regardless of how good the plan is, unless the people are engaged the plan will fail
    • The journey from Groups to Teams and beyond. Understanding and preparing for the steps to increased success
    • Attitude and behaviour are from within but how do we as change leaders nurture this within our people to ensure success?
    • Why adopting one style of leadership does not work and how to effectively manage flexibility with a simple model
    • Keeping motivation high when the pressure is even higher

    Session 6: Managing Risk
    • Revealing the hidden risks of stakeholder interest and power
    • A balanced stakeholder review
    • Using Failure Modes Effects Analysis and planning to predict and mitigate against the core causes of failure within a change project

    Session 7: Making Change Stick
    • The need and challenges of creating a new culture
    • How new ways of behaving replace old traditions

    Customer Feedback

    "The current setup is great, maybe there should be a level 2 for TL and managers." - Civil Engineer at Oxy

    "The instructor is excellent." - Well Services Site Manager at Oxy

    "I liked using the different change tools and the exercises." - Learning & Development Specialist at Oxy

    "Good information and new ideas." - Operations Staff Engineer at Oxy

    "I liked thinking about the different ways of change management, and also how to transfer the ideas to others." - Subsurface Reservoir Manager at Oxy

    "The way the instructor delivered the idea was great." - Operations Specialist at Oxy



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