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ONLINE: Sand Management and Disposal Program (PRO912)


    For many years oil and gas producers have to deal with solids along with hydrocarbons. The management of solids production such as sand has been mostly a reactive process that can have a significant impact on productivity and risk of an asset.
    Regardless of the sand management strategy adopted, the process is a complex one that involves a large number of disciplines and skills; completion engineering, geomechanics, production, process engineering and risk management are key areas of knowledge that is required to manage sand production problems effectively.
    This course addresses all the areas required to develop a sand management strategy including well construction, flow assurance and production engineering.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 4 days
    Instructor: Juan Tovar

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A practicing production or process engineer
    • A completion or petroleum engineer involved in well completion design or production management
    • An asset manager in charge of a field producing or expected to produce hydrocarbons and sand

    How we build your confidence

    Knowledge transfer is carried out through tutorials, crosswords, presentations and video.
    A significant contribution from the class in terms of experiences, case histories and questioning of the subjects discussed is considered essential to fulfilling the objectives for the course.

    The benefits from attending

    Attendants of the course will gain extensive knowledge in all the aspects of sand management; from identifying the causes of sand production to its transport, separation and disposal. Participants will learn to develop strategies for managing sand production for both production and water injection wells.
    This knowledge will result in:
    • Pro-active understanding and strategic planning to manage the problem
    • Detailed development of operational conditions for production and injection wells
    • Maximisation of a well’s potential under a specific sand management program
    • Mitigation of risk to the asset and improved reserves recovery


    • Introduction
      - How sanding occurs
      - Modes of sand production
    • Properties of sand particles
      - Mineral composition of sandstones
      - Clays
      - Grain size characterisation
    • Sand control methods
      - Sand management
      - Slotted liner and screens
      - Gravel packs
      - Frac-pack
      - Chemical methods
      - Expandable screens
    • Sand management philosophy
      - Safety and environmental issues
      - Economic aspects
      - Technical/operational issues
      - Sand management strategy
    • Sand transport
      - Sub-surface sand transport
      - Sand transport in pipelines
    • Erosion
      - Factors affecting erosion mechanisms
      - API recommended practice RP 14E
      - Erosion rate modelling
    • Sand detection
      - Probe detection systems
      - External detection systems
      - Monitoring and sensors placement
    • Sand separation
      - Sand separation principles
      - Sand removal from vessels and pipes
      - Other sand removal methods
    • Sand disposal methods
      - Dumping
      - Re-injection
      - Ship to shore
      - Conversion of sand into usable materials
    • Developing surveillance programs for production and injection wells
      - Surveillance strategy
      - Designing a monitoring program for production wells
      - Designing a monitoring program for injection wells



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