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ONLINE: Advanced Coil Tubing And Hydraulic Workover Operations (PRE923)


    Well Intervention is a very important area of petroleum & production engineering that covers all the methods to repair a well in order to keep it under safe production and profitable status.
    The efficiency of coiled tubing services has significantly improved during the last two decades and is today utilised on a large scale of applications, as a result of the increased understanding and enhanced capabilities, which have been provided by research, innovation and development efforts.
    It is common that each company publishes its own CT manual, where guidelines are provided, incorporating technical, operational and safety information for all related rigless operations, focusing on best practices.
    CT is an excellent tool that opened new horizons for important well intervention with rigless operations: stimulation, production logging, well kick off, scale removal, fill cleaning, water/gas shut-off, plugging and abandoning, fishing, etc.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Antonio Abreu, Luis Remisio, Cipriano Costa

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A petroleum or production engineer, a development geologist, reservoir modeller or field engineer who wants to develop your knowledge on Wireline Well Intervention and CT Operations and Equipment

    How we build your confidence

    By attending this course under seminar style teaching, you will be focusing on all main types of well interventions, CT equipment and main applications of this technology.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • Well Intervention techniques and the fundamentals of Wireline and CT operations and all applications on well repairing and boosting production efficiency
    • All main types of well interventions, CT equipment and main applications of this technology.
    • Equipment, how it works and the importance of selecting the applicable well intervention strategy and CT applications in miscellaneous rigless operations.


    Day 1: Well Intervention Considerations
    • Well completion design and completion issues
    • Production problems
    • Well intervention conveyance methods
    • Coiled tubing conveyance and intervention methods
    • Main components of CT equipment
    • Downhole well tractor
    • CT insertion and removal under pressure
    • Wireline and CT intervention methods
    • Fishing with CT
    • Main fishing tools
    • Job design data for fishing operations
    • Well plug & abandonment
    • Wireline operations (well intervention)
    • Tractors
    • Matrix stimulation with CT
    • Contingency procedures (how to proceed when problems occur during job)
    • CT maintenance system
    • Well intervention and its relation with geology
    • Well phases and casing program
    • Drilling problems
    • Major types of completions
    • Casing design outline

    Day 2: Additional Information on Coiled Tubing Equipment and Well Control
    • CT specs for 1.5” OD and 1.75” OD CT
    • Well control equipment: Quad BOP and Combi BOP
    • Various types of injector heads
    • CT chain assembly
    • CT pipe manufacturing, string and pipe management
    • Depth control
    • Open hole logging
    • Cased hole logging
    • Blaster system: scale removal with high pressure rotating head
    • Workover vessels (ships for offshore well intervention)
    • Optional for Inhouse Course: Visit to CT unit in the field

    Day 3: Safety and Operational Standards
    • Job design: modelling and risk analysis
    • CT logging
    • Fill clean-out
    • Squeeze cementing with CT
    • Introduction to down hole tools
    • Underreamers, mills and supporting motors
    • Inflatable packers and bridge plugs (through tubing)
    • Downhole well tractor
    • Coiled tubing completions
    • Well control: managing risks
    • Hydrostatic pressure and pressure gradient
    • Equivalent fluid (mud) weight
    • Circulating system pressure
    • Control of formation pressure (the barrier concept)
    • Warning signs of kicks
    • Surface gauge readings (effect of kicks)
    • Annular gas flow after cementing
    • Gas migration in water base mud (WBM) in a closed well
    • Gas behaviour in oil base mud (OBM), and its dangers
    • Kick pressures (shut in conditions)
    • Annulus theory (annular pressures)
    • Well shut in (annular pressures)
    • Controlling gas expansion

    Day 4: BOP rams configuration
    • Pressure deployment
    • Conventional stripper & slide door tandem stripper
    • Check valves, nozzles and jetting subs
    • Release joints
    • Downhole tractors
    • Motors
    • Inflatable packers and bridge plugs
    • CT completions
    • Well kick-off
    • Fill cleaning
    • Scale removal
    • Water / gas shut-off
    • Plug and abandonment
    • Sand placement
    • CT technical definitions
    • Friction pressures drop curves
    • Job Design: Example of procedure for a real job, carried out with CT: Stimulation and Nitrogen Kick off.

    Day 5: Well Cleaning and Hydraulic Workover
    Well Cleaning
  • Fishing and milling
  • Zone isolation
  • Stimulation with CT - the technique to displace acid at high rate, pumping in CT and CT/Tbg Anulus, increasing penetration
  • Sand control completions
  • Flow management
  • Plug and abandonment
  • Sidetracking and re-entry
  • CT Emergency Procedures: detailed discussion of possible CT failures during operations and how to react, maintain the well under safe conditions
    (CT collapse at surface, CT parted, reel drive failure, sheering the CT, stripper leak, leak between stripper and BOP, Loss of traction in injector head, gooseneck failure, power pack failure, etc)

  • Hydraulic Workover
    • Introduction to Hydraulic Workover (HWO).
    • How Hydraulic Workovers work (Snubbing Units)
    • Components of a Snubbing Unit.
    • Applications and advantages of a Snubbing



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