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Artificial Lift Systems Design, Diagnosis, Operations and Optimisation (PRE03)


    This course covers the selection, design and diagnosis of the major artificial lift techniques for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. You will gain an appreciation of the key concepts involved in the application of artificial lift methods and a practical understanding of their operation and optimisation. Well modelling software will be used to illustrate design and troubleshooting applications.

    Course Level: Foundation / Skill
    Duration: 4 days
    Instructor: Alastair Baillie

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Petroleum engineering or field staff involved in the selection, design, operation or troubleshooting of artificial lift systems (beam pumps, PCPs, plunger lift, jet pumps, ESPs and gas lift) for standard or unconventional reservoir applications

    How we build your confidence

    This course ensures that fundamental concepts of artificial lift systems are well explained and clearly understood before progressing to more advanced topics such as design and optimisation. This technique means that participants have a solid foundation to build a deep understanding of artificial lift systems and the confidence to apply the principles learned.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • Artificial lift methods, concepts of operation and equipment
    • Selection criteria to ensure the most appropriate artificial lift method is chosen
    • How to perform design procedures for artificial lift wells
    • How to recognise the correct data required for well analysis
    • Diagnosing and troubleshooting artificial lift well performance
    • Optimising the artificial lift system for production and long term reliability


    • Recap of well and reservoir performance (fluid properties, outflow and inflow performance)
    • Use of pressure gradient plots for artificial lift well design and diagnosis
    • Review of artificial lift systems components and physics of operation
    • Artificial lift methods comparison and selection criteria
    • Special considerations for the application of artificial lift to unconventional reservoirs
    • Design, diagnosis and practical troubleshooting techniques for start-up and operation
    • Workshop sessions and tutorials covering building and matching of well models

    Customer Feedback

    "The instructor was very experienced and excellent. Focus on topics was great." - Sr. Engineer at ADCO

    "Well organised, easy-to-understand style of presentation and examples." - Petroleum Engineer at ADCO



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