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ONLINE: Reservoir Appraisal and Field Development (PBM936)


    The course is designed to address the decision-based technical workflow that is a pre-requisite to appraisal and development investments. Participants will learn the background theory behind the dynamic behaviour of reservoirs and the impact of various uncertainties on the prediction of performance. The course covers a range of petroleum, reservoir engineering and economic issues with reference to a robust commercial framework.
    Participants will be empowered to collaborate between disciplines and add value in the development of upstream assets.

    Course Structure: 5 modules of 3 hours each, delivered over 5 days
    Each day will consist of 1 module which will be no more than 3 hours in length with multiple breaks.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Pete Smith

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A petroleum, reservoir or drilling engineer or geoscientist working in a multidiscipline team
    • Team leaders and asset managers involved in the planning and execution of subsurface reservoir modelling projects may also benefit

    How we build your confidence

    This is a five-session online course with lectures supported and illustrated by worked examples, case studies and follow-up exercises, group exercises and quizzes to give assurance that key learnings are accomplished.

    Since participants may have different levels of background in petroleum economics and statistics there are additional pre-reading modules to ensure that the fundamental understanding of these topics has been established prior to the course.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in:

    • Assessing the importance of fluid properties for reservoir description, material balance and flow assurance
    • Evaluating how reservoir energy (including aquifers), fluid responses, drive mechanisms and EOR processes are assessed and managed to maximise planned recovery
    • Understanding the technical aspects of well testing and its use for both appraisal and development decisions and deepening knowledge concerning reservoir description
    • Developing an understanding of resources and reserves booking as it appertains to reservoir appraisal and development
    • Learning how to combine uncertainties and select key variables to manage uncertainty by acquiring additional data (appraisal) or design of interventions (contingency) within a value of information framework
    • Assessing the pitfalls and best practices in building and using simulation models for appraisal and development decision making


    Session 1
    • Introduction
    • Business framework
    • Risk and uncertainty
    • Decisions with uncertainty

    Session 2
    • Well data
    • Cores data
    • Fluids and PVT data

    Session 3
    • Multi-phase flow
    • Reservoir mechanisms - secondary and tertiary recovery - gas and aquifers
    • Well productivity

    Session 4
    • Establishing the importance of uncertainties on project value
    • Value of information (appraisal)
    • Value of information (interventions)

    Session 5
    • Well testing
      - From an engineering perspective
      - Interpretation from a geological perspective
    • Matching the dynamic model to the static model
    • Reserves and resources

    Customer Feedback

    "Course provided the detailed understanding of Field Development Planning in a holistic sense." - Exploration Manager at SASOL

    "It's very useful piece of information for anyone that works in reservoir characterisation." - Geoscientist at OMV

    "The course provided me with a greater understanding on the need to capture uncertainty during appraisal and development." - Geologist at GALP



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