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Swiss Island® - An Interactive and Tangible (Agile) Project Management Simulation (MAN35)


    Swiss Island® is a role-play based simulation. It simulates the execution of an (agile) project, program or project portfolio. Swiss Island® uses the format of "Experiential Learning", where the participants have to analyse, communicate and decide, situationally.
    Two to six teams take over the roles of Sponsor, Program Manager, Project Managers (up to 3) and Contractors (up to 3). The aim is to successfully finish the given project / programme, within the given constraints.
    Swiss Island®, in contrast to many other simulations, is designed stochastically, so that - as in real life - countless and particularly unpredictable situations will occur. Swiss Island® is exclusively haptic and is carried out on a specially designed playing field.
    Swiss Island® is coach accompanied and highly adaptable to customer needs (more than 1'000 adjustment options) and the contents are in line with common standards (PMBOK®, ISO 21500, PMI® Program Management and Portfolio Management Standard).

    Course Level: Skill / Advanced
    Duration: 3 days
    Instructor: Rüdiger Geist

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A project, program or project portfolio manager
    • A project sponsor
    • A member of a steering board
    • Planning for a project management event

    How we build your confidence

    • Experiential learning
    • Structured and methodological approach
    • Direct practical implementation
    • Direct experience by build-in pitfalls
    • Covering the ‘human factor’
    • ‘Learning by doing’ instead of ‘learning by hearing’
    • Effectiveness and goal orientation within a team

    The benefits from attending

    As a result of our instructor's distinct contacts to universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes, this course offers scientific and experienced based training and project supervision.
    Over the years effective, successful and best-of-breed implementation approaches have been shaped, which are the basis of this course.


    What makes Swiss Island® so unique?
    Many simulations are designed in a way, that with the "right" actions always good project results are achieved. If the underlying rules are recognized, the result is predictable and in this way predetermined. Experienced project managers however know that the world is not as simple. Swiss Island® is therefore designed in a way, that countless - and also unpredictable - variations can come up:
    • The starting position can be adjusted to customers' needs.
    • During the course random events happen, forcing participants to analyse, communicate and decide.
    • The interests of the involved roles are not necessarily identical and might change over time.
    • The project manager’s measures have a direct influence on the steering committee’s and sponsor’s willingness to cooperate.
    • The contents of the course are in line with common project management standards (PMBOK® and ISO 21500).



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