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Structural Geology, Stratigraphic Architecture and Trap Styles of Sicily FTB - A Multidisciplinary Approach on the Field / Sicily, Italy (FTP07)


    This 5-day field trip offers an intensive and robust multidisciplinary approach to techniques and analysis on the field (regional geology, geodynamics, structural geology, stratigraphy, facies analysis and petroleum geology). Set on the famous Sicily Island, one of the most interesting and complex fold & thrust belts worldwide, the course is designed to show the participants typical geological control factors in different geodynamic and palaeoenvironmental scenarios.
    The field trip is structured in such a way that each day participants experience the integrated analysis of stratigraphic and structural settings of one specific palaeodomain, using existing datasets and comparing subsurface data and outcrops. 5 days for 5 different geological scenarios (carbonate platform, slope-to-basin, basin, terrigenous/evaporitic basin, foreland basin systems) in different tectonic stages (passive margin, failed rift, flexure, compression, thrust-top/satellite basin). Each day participants will analyse the geosettings, reconstruct the relationship and predict the geometry of subsurface structures. Landscape and seismic-scale outcrops will help the participants with the correlation of tectonic models, geophysical data and analysis of structural styles.
    After a geology review and an introduction to the regional settings, the field trip starts with the visit of various palaeodomains, starting from the higher structural units towards the less deformed. Different pieces of information collected each day will allow you to put them together to draw a coherent geological picture, to produce a palinspastic restoration and to analyse the geodynamic scenario. We conclude with the prospect assessment and play analysis of some oilfields in Sicily, actually in production. Good food, monuments and the impressive landscape and coastline of Sicily will accompany you along this trip.

    Course Level: Skill / Advanced
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Gabriele Lena

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A geologist, geophysicist, explorationist or geoscientist in general, keen to broaden and deepen your knowledge on the field about the kinematic evolution of a FTB-foreland system, using a multi-disciplinary approach

    Continuous and well-exposed “seismic scale” outcrops will help you understand the geometries of the geological bodies, using commercial and crustal seismic profiles, well and geophysical datasets.

    How we build your confidence

    • New insights into recognition and prediction of the geometry of shallow-seated and deep-seated structures, ramp dominated units vs. thrust sheet dominated units
    • Facies analysis and correlation between different palaeoenvironmental scenarios, from meso-scale to seismic scale units
    • Cross-correlations between outcropping and buried structures, using seismic profile and well-data applied to very impressive landscape
    • Explanation of new data derived from commercial and crustal profile providing new insights and prediction criteria on the relationships between a) an imbricated carbonate thrust system of the Northern chain, b) the huge Caltanissetta terrigenous trough consisting of embricated thrust systems, and c) the flexure of the Iblean foreland crust below the FTB
    • Different types of petroleum systems and plays will be shown during this 5-day field trip
    • Exercises, line drawings, stratigraphic logs, structural data plots and maps will be performed during the survey

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • The geological setting of the Sicilian-Maghreb FTB: the Mesozoic palaeodomains of the ancient African continental margin (basins and carbonate platforms) and their structural evolution
    • The relation between shallow-seated and deep-seated deformations in the Tertiary evolution of the thrust belt; the effects of the late transpressional tectonics
    • Large-scale inverted and transpressional structures and their potential for petroleum exploration
    • Synorogenic Tertiary deposits: sedimentology and facies associations
    • Lateral facies changes, architecture and structural control of the sin-compressional Miocene basins in Northern Sicily
    • The Messinian evaporitic deposits: lithostratigraphy, sedimentation vs. tectonic process and new insights
    • The potential geo-resources of the Caltanissetta Basin (late Messinian): bituminous euxinic shale, salt dome and methane mud volcanoes
    • The Pliocene foreland basins of the Gela plain and the oilfields in subsurface
    • The present-day structural setting of the Sicilian foreland, seismic data from the Sicilian offshore
    • How to reliably note, draw, plot and map during a field survey, and the importance of field techniques and analysis to decrease uncertainties

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to approach different geological scenarios in a single field trip.


    Day 1
    • Introduction to the geological setting of Sicily
    • The Mesozoic carbonate succession of the Panormide platform
    • Facies relationships
    • Interference between tectonic structures

    Day 2
    • Meso-Cenozoic slope-to-basin Imerese succession and its relationships with the overlaying Oligo-Miocene Numidian Flysch foredeep

    Day 3
    • Mesozoic extensional tectonics, volcanism and sedimentation at the Triassic Jurassic boundary to the Sicanian deep-water domain
    • Comparison of outcrop and seismic profile
    • Neogene imbricate thrust system deposits

    Day 4
    • Georesources in the Messinian Evaporites
    • Miocene-Quaternary mixed ramp

    Day 5
    • The frontal part of the chain and the present foredeep: comparison with the subsurface setting will be imaged by seismic reflection profiles
    • The oil fields of Southern Sicily
    • The Iblean foreland and the forebulge with surface and sub-surface comparisons

    The course fee includes daily transportation for field visits, local accommodation (6 nights) and full board on course days. For further details please contact training@hoteng.com



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