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Hydrogen Exploration – Is it a new game changer? (ETR06)


    The objective of this course is to introduce natural hydrogen as a potential future clean energy resource and how to explore for it as it may become the next game changer in the energy industry providing a clean and sustainable solution for part of the global energy demand.
    This course provides an overview on hydrogen as an energy resource and the various colors of hydrogen. However, natural (white) hydrogen was until now not considered in the developments around the future energy system.
    This course highlights the current status of knowledge and latest developments around such a potential new energy opportunity, ie natural H2 exploration and production as part of the future energy mix. If further developments turn out to be successful, this could result in another unexpected game changer in the energy sector. similar to the unconventional revolution a few decades back. However, further research and investments in exploration are required to conclusively provide answer on size of the prize and feasibility of development of such a new energy resource.

    Course Level: Foundation
    Duration: 1 days
    Instructor: Jürgen Grötsch

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • A geoscientist or energy professional who is working on energy transition projects and optimizing the portfolio herein. Natural hydrogen is a yet unproven opportunity in such a portfolio.
    • A graduate student, staff from the energy industry and employee of the public sector and from regulators.
    • Investor or decision maker who needs to set directions and priorities in the energy transition.

    Basic understanding of geosciences is helpful but not required.

    How we build your confidence

    This course comprises a mixture of lectures, exercises, case studies, discussions and feedback sessions. The course follows the discover, ask and learn approach.

    The benefits from attending

    This training course aims to provide you with the following goals:

    • Provide an introduction to the global energy system
    • Introduce the role of different colors of hydrogen
    • Present a global overview of current hydrogen production and consumption
    • Showcase hydrogen development projects
    • Provide an overview of natural hydrogen seeps globally
    • Introduce the concept of hydrogen exploration
    • Understand the main subsurface uncertainties in hydrogen exploration
    • Discuss the key challenges and risks of hydrogen exploration and development
    • Address the role of geoscientists in developing hydrogen as a future energy resource
    • Provide an outlook for trends and expected developments in the global energy market


    • Overview of hydrogen in the global energy system
    • Introduction to the multiple colors of hydrogen
    • Examples of natural hydrogen seeps
    • Exploration and Development of natural hydrogen
    • Outlook on opportunities and risks in hydrogen exploration and development



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