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ONLINE: Contracts Strategy & Management (CON902)


    Developing your own effective procurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategy can make valuable, quantifiable contributions to your company’s performance. This practical 5-day virtual course shows you how to adopt a “best-practice” model and outlines the latest thinking in upstream petroleum industry procurement.

    Course Structure: 10 modules of max. 2 hours each, delivered over 5 days
    The first session will run for 2½ hours to allow for introductions, subsequent sessions will be 2 hours long. Each day will consist of 2 sessions (1 morning/1 afternoon) with a break of 10 minutes during each of the sessions, time will be allowed for questions and discussions.

    Course Level: Skill
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Paul Keighley or Matilde Giulianelli

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • Involved in or have responsibility for the entire procurement process, i.e. a line operational manager, specialist (the 'end user'), contracts manager or contracts specialist

    How we build your confidence

    This course makes extensive use of oil industry case studies, examples and exercises.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • Developing and implementing a highly effective procurement strategy and plan for your organisation to reduce the overall cost of purchasing
    • Managing your supply chain in order to deliver maximum value at minimum cost
    • Developing and implementing a best-practice process for the management of contracts and the supply chain
    • Adopting innovative ways to select contractors and prepare tender documents
    • Selecting the type of contract and compensation terms that best achieves the contract's objectives
    • Preparing tender evaluation criteria and evaluate a tender submission
    • Managing contract risk


    • What is a contract?
      - The contract as a legal instrument
      - The contract as an investment tool
    • What is the supply chain and how do we manage it?
      - Illustration of supply chain management (SCM)
      - Benefits of defining SCM
      - SCM analysis for opportunities to save money
    • Developing a best-practice procurement process
      - A suggested process for managing contracts from beginning to end
      - The role of end-users and the contracts specialist
    • What makes the petroleum industry different?
      - The role of government, national oil companies (NOCs) and co-venturers
    • What is a contracts strategy and how to develop one
      - Oil industry case studies and examples
      - The essential ingredients of a contracts strategy
      - The process of developing a contracts strategy
    • The role of contracts policy and procedures
      - The vital relationship between contracts strategy, policy and procedure
      - Oil industry examples of contracts policy and procedure
    • The role of contract risk assessment
      - The importance of contract risk assessment in strategy and contractor selection
      - How to carry out a contract risk assessment
    • Alternative tendering strategies
      - Functional versus technical specifications
      - Oil industry examples
    • Different types of contracts
      - Strengths and weaknesses of alternative contract types
      - How to choose an appropriate contract compensation method
    • How to prepare contractor selection criteria
      - Oil industry examples
      - Traditional versus non-traditional selection criteria
    • How to evaluate tender submissions
      - How to ensure best-value selection
      - How to avoid common mistakes
    • Understanding the "small print"
    • Getting to grips with contractual language and terms and conditions
    • How to manage the contract after it has been awarded
      - The role of the "kick-off" meeting
      - Preventing and resolving disputes
      - Managing cost and performance
      - How to give contractor feedback

    Customer Feedback

    "This is an exceptional program, very incisive and practically orientated. My knowledge in contracts strategy has increased greatly and looking forward to taking back to my place of work." - Ministry of Energy & Petroleum

    "This course was structured very well and covered all the information expected. Since I have been working with the procurement process I already had an idea, but the training gave me insight and clarified many questions I had. All the information was relevant and very helpful. It was good to have the course personalised based on questions." - Maersk Oil



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