Reservoir Assessment and Production Technology

Minimise Risk, Leverage Opportunity


Our fully integrated sub-surface workflow from geophysical interpretation and reservoir characterisation through to reservoir modelling, flow simulation and forecasting culminates in an optimised field development plan. The result: Opportunities are delineated, risks mitigated and capital appropriately allocated.

Well Performance Analysis

In green fields transient testing allows insight into the reservoir. For mature fields at HOT we review and assess historical well data in detail from back allocation to sophisticated performance analysis to understand and forecast well performance.

  • Wellbore integrity
  • Production performance analysis
  • Production / injection allocation analysis and optimisation
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Transient well testing: Fall-off, build-up and interference test design and analysis

Reservoir Performance Analysis

Understand your asset before you model it. Conventional engineering assessment forms the basis for informed decisions. At HOT detailed reservoir performance analysis is undertaken in a cross-disciplinary manner and is mandatory before starting any modelling exercise.

  • Drive mechanisms quantification
  • Material balance calculations
  • Injection analysis and optimisation
  • Inter-well communication
  • Evaluation and optimisation of mature waterfloods
  • Performance forecasting
  • Reserves estimation

Reservoir (Fluid Flow) Simulation

It’s all about predictability. We tailor our models to serve the needs as no one model can answer all questions.
Only fit-for-purpose models provide reliable predictability. At HOT this refers to both model design and simulation workflow. Key reservoir performance drivers are identified prior to model building. Based on sound reservoir understanding our bespoke models minimise risk and optimise returns on investment.

  • Conversion between simulators
  • Model migration from EclipseTM to PetrelRETM
  • QC and optimisation of simulation models
  • Screening of geomodels / scoping runs
  • Grid optimisation (single-well, cross-section, sector, full-field)
  • Single and dual permeability modelling
  • Black-oil simulation (gas storage, gas, oil, condensate, heavy oil)
  • Compositional simulation (gas storage, condensate, volatile oil, miscible flooding)
  • Streamline simulation
  • Assisted history matching
  • Performance evaluation, forecasting and optimisation
  • Uncertainty and risk analysis

Production Technology and Operations

  • Well planning
  • Well test and workover design
  • Production optimisation
  • Artificial lift design and optimisation

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