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Speed Up Your History Match

SenEx (Sensitivity Explorer) is a novel software that speeds up your history matching exercise significantly while dramatically improving the quality of your history match. Sensitivities are computed analytically, reducing the number of simulation runs by a factor of 10 for mature fields: What usually takes months is now achieved within days.

Using SenEx is easy and can fit in any history matching workflow. Based on analytical sensitivities, it captures what grid block properties need to be changed, where, and how, in order to rapidly improve the history match. The changes are kept minimal: Only as needed. Because SenEx works at the grid block level, it eliminates the need for box multipliers, leading to geologically sound and consistent models.

Why SenEx?

  • Significantly reduces number of required simulation runs, CPU and simulator usage.
  • Saves time, money and manpower
  • Is easy to use
  • Generates geologically sound and consistent models
  • Preserves known geological features of the original model to a great extent
  • Works at the grid block level eliminating the need for "multiplier boxes"
  • Fits in any history matching workflow
  • Supports various black-oil reservoir simulators

SenEx has been successfully applied in numerous field studies on reservoirs in different parts of the world.

How It Works

Using SenEx is easy and can fit in any history matching workflow. After each simulation run, SenEx generates new property arrays to be used in the next run leading to a considerable improvement in every match. This loop is repeated until a satisfactory match is finally reached. This approach saves time and money and reduces the amount of human resources required.



Starting Case
Difference: Start <> 1st
1st Iteration
Difference: 1st <> 2nd
2nd Iteration
Difference: 2nd <> 3rd
3rd Iteration
Difference: 3rd <> 4th
4th Iteration
Difference: 4th <> 5th
5th Iteration
Difference: 5th <> 6th
6th Iteration
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