Apr 2020

Join Our LIVE Webinar on International Natural Gas Business!

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International Natural Gas Business –
Prices: Developments, Drivers and Forecasts –
“The Day after Tomorrow”

Gain vital insights on natural gas market trends

The current COVID-19 crisis and its consequences, coupled with a challenging and evolving energy market, have a significant impact on natural gas prices.

We invite you to join our engaging ½-day LIVE Webinar on International Natural Gas Business to discover and discuss the drivers and the potential future development of natural gas prices. Packed with useful, comprehensive information from beginning to end, this webinar is the ideal opportunity for you to acquire in-depth knowledge of the factors influencing international natural gas pricing, current market trends, essential sources of information, and much more.

Overview of webinar content:

  • Fundamentals
    (e.g. natural gas pricing schemes, factors influencing the natural gas price(s) – incl. selected regional issues, differences in pricing from wholesale to the end-user)
  • Current trends and recent developments
    (e.g. market developments, globalisation: LNG, COVID-19, oil price crash)
  • Forecasting
    (including scenario evaluation using a proprietary tool)

We look forward to seeing you!
Your HOT Team