May 2022

The Complete Recipe for your Petrophysical Challenges

Mark DeakinPresented by an instructor who has been a passionate, dedicated petrophysicist for over 30 years; someone who actually does it, not just talks about doing it: Dr Mark Deakin.

HOT @ SPE Workshop

Meet Dr Jonas Wegner, CTO with HOT Microfluidics at the SPE Workshop “Complex Reservoir Fluids – De-complexification of the Complexity” in Snekkersten, Denmark (18-20 May 2022).

HOT @ InterPore 2022

HOT Microfluidics will be present at InterPore 2022 in Abu Dhabi (30 May to 2 June 2022)! Visit our Booth #2 to learn more about our advanced fluidics systems and services, and be sure to join our online demos showcasing HOT’s professional microfluidics platform InspIOR!

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and at our courses!

Your HOT Team