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Time, Personal Organisation and Stress Management (SSK38)


    The program uses participants' own situations as the basis for inputs and exercises on time use and personal organisation. It assumes that participants are managing some of their time well and that they need to get more control over the rest of their time and their life.

    Course Level: Foundation
    Instructor: Tony Hendry

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • In need of managing your time and your life more effectively, improving your effectiveness and increasing your enjoyment of life and work
    • Someone who wants to do things that you want to do - not just those you have to do

    How we build your confidence

    • Taking a positive and supportive approach to you
    • Encouraging you to develop your own approaches rather than provide 'right' answers
    • Enabling you to identify your personal life goals and objectives, how you currently spend your time and your key time wasters
    • Helping you to develop strategies to manage time and stress effectively through a wide range of activities, discussions and role plays

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the program you will feel confident to:

    • Clarify your own and team members' work roles to achieve more focus
    • Take actions to plan your time more effectively, use transition time positively and manage paperwork, interruptions, meetings and phone calls more productively
    • Understand the physiological reactions induced by stress and the impact of these on your ability to operate effectively at work and outside
    • Understand the general causes of stress and your particular stress inducers
    • Use techniques to reduce your stress symptoms


    • Personal objectives / learning goals
    • Key attitudes to managing time
    • Choosing your personal priorities
    • How much time have you got?
    • Your personal drivers
    • Clarifying your work role - the job, decision making parameters, performance requirements
    • How to work out priorities
    • Tools for planning your time
      - Diary, note pad, planner chart, weekly project page
      - Planning your day and priority setting
      - Task planning
    • Using transition time
    • Putting barriers around your time
      - Managing interruptions
      - Controlling time by managing staff
    • What is stress?
      - The symptoms we experience
      - The main causes of stress
    • We are all different
      - How our self-image affects our ability to cope with change and pressure
      - How our level of life skills can help us manage pressures and stress
    • Creating your personal profile
      - What is your predisposition to stress?
      - How resilient are you?
      - Identifying your stressors
    • Managing your working and personal life to reduce the causes of stress
      - Developing your self-image
      - Developing your perspective
      - Confronting fears
      - Developing assertive responses
      - Managing your own and others’ expectations
      - Managing time pressures
      - Making time for yourself
      - Creating support
    • Reducing the symptoms of stress
      - Relaxation techniques
      - The use of exercise and hobbies
    • Planning to apply learning

    Customer Feedback

    "I liked the practical exercises and their applicability. Very interesting content and realistic, too." - Manager at NIS Petrol

    "The instructor had patience and listened to people's problems in order to address them. Thank you." - Land Surveyor at NIS Petrol

    "I liked the tools given. Relevant to my work, personal!" - Database Administrator at Wintershall

    "It was a very useful subject for me, that's why I joined this course and I really enjoyed it" - Translator at Wintershall




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