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ONLINE: Leadership 4.1 - Essential Leaderpreneurship Skills for Managers in a World of Disruption (MAN952)

  • 17-19 May 20213 daysVirtual instructor-led course, OnlineCourse Fee: 1350 EUR + VAT


We are all in the midst of reacting to the need for rapidly changing work practices. Just a short time ago we were all talking about the impact of the fourth industrial revolution through digitalisation, whereas now we are experiencing it at a time of almost unimaginable global disruption.
Today, we are all in an environment that requires rapid change in the way we work, but at its core ensures that people's complex needs are not lost. Unprecedented times like these are the call for great leaders and managers. Those who show real leadership will be those who adopt new styles to succeed in a world of mass disruption. They need to think, act and design differently and build a business model of flexibility, not stability.

Course Structure: 3 modules of max. 4 hours each, delivered over 3 days
Each day will consist of 1 module which will be no more than 4 hours in length with ample time for delegates to break for refreshments.

Course Level: All Levels
Instructor: Tony Copeman

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A team leader, supervisor, manager or divisional leader
  • In any role where you have responsibility for others: operational, technical, commercial or administrative

This workshop has been designed for all professionals who need to have the skills at hand to rapidly adapt and to help others do the same.

How we build your confidence

This course content has been designed to be delivered via a live Remote Instructor-Led platform and consists of 3 modules delivered over 3 days.
Throughout the sessions delegates will be working in small breakout rooms within the platform and regrouping to share their learning and actions.

The benefits from attending

This course comprises three short modules designed specifically to provide managers and leaders with the key skills required to be effective in today's challenging environment where mass disruption is the new norm.


Module 1: Communication in the remote Workplace
  • Adapting to new communication styles that have rapidly become so very different
  • The lines between verbal and non-verbal communication are becoming blurred yet never so important
  • Influencing using virtual platforms - be seen and heard in the right way
  • Clear and concise, yet personable and respectful
  • Effective and active listening
  • Building a communication strategy for your team

Module 2: Performance Management and People Development - essential for long term survival
  • How situation leadership needs to become agile leadership
  • Why regular performance-based conversations are so important now
  • SMarTer - the tool for keeping everyone’s work aligned
  • PAID - the structure for all performance conversations
  • People development must not stop - how to build it in

Module 3: Motivation and Engagement to help your team strive in the new norm
  • The Change Adoption Curve - explained and how to work through it
  • Maslow, Hertzberg and other tools to help support your team as they go through a rollercoaster
  • Applying EQ everyday
  • Why employee engagement has never been so important, and what to do about it
  • Helping your team to cope with the new norm
  • The importance of real teams and how to build them using Lencioni




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