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ONLINE: Play Assessment and Prospect Evaluation (GEO956)

  • To be announced for 2023


The course will cover the major aspects and essential elements to generate and evaluate play and prospect for hydrocarbon exploration.
The course focuses on the recommended procedures to evaluate correctly the main geological risks and the opportunities, using real cases and standard procedures used in oil companies. Lessons will emphasize on risks, limits, typical problems and uncertainties of the play assessment, especially in quantifying geological risks, also in complex stratigraphic/structural settings. Economic analysis and assessment, aggregation and presentation of data and best practice will help participants to provide insights for managers.

Course Structure: 3 modules of max. 4 hours each, delivered over 3 days
Each day will consist of 1 module which will be no more than 4 hours in length with ample time for delegates to break for refreshments.

Course Level: Skill
Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Giuseppe Cadel

Designed for you, if you are...

  • A member of the exploration team: geologist, petroleum engineer or geoscientists in general, or an analyst or manager, working on exploration data and keen to learn a methodology for exploration project assessment

How we build your confidence

  • Combination of live instructor-led training coupled with practical analysis of real case studies, with procedures and workshops
  • Provision of an operational workflow from play to prospect to basic economics that is applicable worldwide
  • Real case workshop evaluated in a group setting
  • Simulation of economic strategy

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • Evaluation of assessment techniques in the industrial application scheme
  • How to quantify geological risk and uncertainties on a play
  • Definition, assessment and risk evaluation of a prospect
  • Basic economic analysis for management strategy


  • Petroleum systems - geological control factors
  • PS stages, regional parameter
  • Local effects
  • Exploration workflow
  • Play assessment and play fairway maps
  • Prospect generation and evaluation
  • Risk analysis and probability
  • POS and POF
  • Economics
  • Aggregation and presentation of results
  • Decision tree and exploration program




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