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Fundamentals of Wellsite and Operations Geology (GEO09)


    This basic course aims at giving a grounding to those with no rig experience as to rig activities and what the roles of the wellsite and operations geologist are. It would suit young geologists who either need to go to the rigsite to get valuable experience or who want to be informed about wellsite activities. It would form a vital part of their learning experience as they would understand what the data are which are generated at the wellsite, how it is used and its potential shortcomings.

    Course Level: Foundation
    Duration: 5 days
    Instructor: Tim Herrett

    Designed for you, if you are...

    • An oil company geologist wishing to gain valuable background knowledge (especially recent hires)
    • An oil company geologist who is required to get offshore experience as part of the training
    • Someone wanting to join an oil company and who wants to get a good grounding for the role

    This is a comprehensive course for professionals who want to have an understanding of rig activities, rig contractors and what the important roles of operations and wellsite geologists fulfil.

    The benefits from attending

    By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

    • The fundamentals of drilling rigs and equipment
    • How a well is drilled, including descriptions of bits, the mud circulation system and the importance of lag time
    • Who does what on the rig? Personnel and service companies
    • The importance of HSE and how it affects the geologist at the rig-site
    • Depth, ROP and why they are so important data sets
    • How wellsite samples should be caught, ensuring they are representative
    • How samples and hydrocarbon shows should be properly described and interpreted
    • Directional drilling – how it is performed and why
    • The basics of well planning, execution and testing
    • Coring and sidewall coring – how these processes are performed and why
    • Activities of key wellsite geological contractors – mudlogging and LWD
    • What the wellsite and operations geologists do. How do they fit into the organisation?
    • Identifying the importance of data management and key data types


    • Rig types
    • Rig components
    • Drilling components
    • Personnel and services

    • Health, safety and environment
    • Depth
    • Rate of penetration (ROP)
    • Sample lag
    • Samples and sampling
    • Basics of logs
    • Directional drilling
    • Well planning
    • Well testing and completion
    • Coring and sidewall cores
    • Mudlogging
    • Logging while drilling (LWD)
    • Formation pressure
    • The operations and wellsite geology team
    • Operations geology
    • Wellsite geology
    • Importance of soft skills and ability to communicate effectively
    • Data management
    • Sample description
    • Show description
    • Coring
    • Sidewall coring

    • Common drilling and geological abbreviations
    • Glossary of drilling terminology. Useful equations




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