Laboratory Services

Careful Measurement, Accurate Result


Our track record demonstrates that our laboratory has always maintained a strong commitment to experimental work in combination with numerical and analytical analysis. As a result, we are in a position to offer customised and complex laboratory services in cooperation with Clausthal University of Technology (Germany).

Drill Cuttings Analysis

  • Permeability estimate
  • Total, micro and macro porosity estimates
  • Grainsize distribution
  • Clay, cement and framework percentages

Routine Core Analysis

  • Sample preparation and conditioning
  • Porosity determination
  • Gas / oil / water permeability measurements

Special Core Analysis

  • NMR scans for T2 distribution and profile
  • Local porosity distribution based on CT-slices
  • Relative permeability (oil and water) flooding experiments for end points
  • Capillary pressure (centrifuge and porous plate)
  • Irreducible water saturation
  • Mechanical and hydraulic rock properties (using triaxial permeameter)

CT Image Analysis

CT-X-ray scans / digital radiography

EOR Laboratory Services

  • Polymer and fluid rheology
  • EOR process screening using microfluidics
  • Injectivity tests

Other Services

  • Various flooding cells and set-ups
  • Microscopy
  • Petrology
  • Biostratigraphy

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