Jul 2020

Move Mountains: Confirmed Online Petrophysics Course!

New Skills to Help You
“Move Mountains”

Hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing are popular pastimes in many places around the world, owing to the gratifying sensation of having achieved a worthwhile goal after substantial effort.

And just like reaching the mountain top and enjoying incredible vistas after a hike, the rewards of completing a course with new skills are invaluable. With your new knowledge you’ll be able to move mountains and achieve striking results!

CONFIRMED Online Petrophysics Course

Be quick to register for our interactive, applications-driven, CONFIRMED! “Open Hole & LWD Interpretation” course!

Calling All “Non-Reservoir Engineers”!

Our popular foundation-level reservoir engineering course – now delivered online! Perfect for you, if you wish to gain a fundamental understanding of the topic.

Lettering "Machine Learning"

The Future is Now!

Our exciting NEW course, “Machine Learning and Data Science for Upstream Professionals“, provides you with a comprehensive intro to the main machine learning methods and builds hands-on experience in data science and machine learning. You’ll be able to apply your newly obtained knowledge immediately! Read all about our cutting-edge course and be sure to book your seat early:

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We look forward to welcoming you to our new online training experience!
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