Nov 2017

It’s What We Do With It That Truly Matters…

What have photography and oilfield operations in common? Before we had almost countless tries to get the perfect result, we took utmost care to find the perfect subject and chose tools and techniques with meticulous precision. Since technology has taken over, we tend to neglect this diligence – In photography as well as in oilfield operations.

In photography, we now take countless pictures relying on our smart phone to make the best of it. In oilfield operations, companies rely heavily on computer power and tools such as assisted history matching to create model forecasts. Faster and cheaper. But do companies have a deep understanding of the models they base their investment decisions on?

HOT is in a unique position to look critically at this question having provided 30 years of bespoke due diligence forecasting to the global E&P community. This experience has shown that increasingly models are built en-masse, negating the inputs with attention paid to workflows and outcomes.

Model quality is of critical importance to support informed investment decisions and ensure return on investment. Utilising computer power and tools such as assisted history matching helps companies achieve better results in a shorter period of time. But these tools cannot replace capable people who truly understand reservoirs and who know how to best use cutting-edge technology and tools. Computer power rather complements people’s expertise and helps save experts’ time, freeing them up for other mission-critical tasks. SenEx, our disruptive History Matching Tool, is a perfect example of technology that boosts human performance.

At HOT, we believe in concurrent data integration with close interaction between disciplines to foster reservoir understanding supported by computer power. We work together to achieve.

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