Jan 2020

Field Trips: Take Your Learning Out of Doors!

Are you tired of dusty textbooks, uninspiring illustrations and dull academic descriptions? No more! With our upcoming field trips, geology comes to life and lets you get up close!

Each one of our field trips takes place in a stunningly beautiful setting. Guided by our expert instructors, you will finally see “the big picture” and achieve a much more thorough understanding of your chosen subject matter. Select your favorite field trip and join us!

Field trip participants evaluating a marble rock formation / © G. Lena

This field trip in northwestern Sicily will provide a solid foundation of carbonate reservoir characterisation on the field, by means of spectacular exposures, visits to quarries and seismic scale outcrops. The main aims are to describe and illustrate the peculiar geological and petrophysical control factors occurring in carbonate reservoirs.

15-18 April 2020 (4 days) – Sicily / Italy Flag of Italy. Italy - one of HOT's training course locations
(Registration Deadline: 28 February 2020)

Field trip participant observing Italian mountain landscape / © G. Lena

This field trip offers an intensive and robust multidisciplinary approach to techniques and analysis on the field. Set on the famous island of Sicily, one of the most interesting and complex fold & thrust belts worldwide, the course is designed to show the participants typical geological control factors in different geodynamic and palaeoenvironmental scenarios.

12-16 October 2020 (5 days) – Sicily / Italy Flag of Italy. Italy - one of HOT's training course locations
(Registration Deadline: 12 August 2020)

Instructor and field trip participant observing geological features

This field trip, set in the world-famous Gironde estuary, Arcachon lagoon and oceanic coastline of the Bay of Biscay, focuses on the characterisation of reservoirs formed in modern-day shallow water environments.

13-16 October 2020 (4 days) – Bordeaux / France Flag of France - one of HOT's course locations
(Registration Deadline: 13 August 2020)

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