Apr 2019

CONFIRMED Well Integrity Course in Doha

Join our CONFIRMED! course, “Well Integrity Management for the Well Life Cycle (DRI18)” and let your career take off!

Quick facts about our upcoming course:

  • The course builds a firm foundation of the principles and practices of well completion under the aspect of well integrity.
  • It starts with a review of well construction and well completion being followed by a thorough immersion in well integrity causes and ways to remedy them.


Be swift to register, as the course begins very soon!

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If Well Integrity is Not Your Focus:

If you are a petroleum engineer, process engineer, development geologist, oilfield production manager or field engineer with a limited background in production engineering and would like to gain experience in modern petroleum production engineering, join our session in June: “Production Engineering (PRE12)”.

Horsehead Pump Jack against an Evening Sky BackdropPRODUCTION ENGINEERING (PRE12)
16-20 June 2019 (5 days) in Doha, Qatar Qatari flag.

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We look forward to seeing you soon!
Your HOT Team