Nov 2020

Confirmed Reservoir Engineering Course!

What Do Apples Have in Common With Reservoir Engineering?

Did you know? Apples are a well-known symbol of knowledge and education. The 1st of December is also considered an (inofficial) annual holiday, “Eat a Red Apple Day” – and what better way to combine the symbol of education than with our  online course, “Reservoir Engineering for Non-Reservoir Engineers“, starting on the very same day!

Details and registration:


… to our course participants for successfully completing our recent “Machine Learning & Data Science” course!

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Are you interested in this innovative topic, too? Join our modular sessions in March 2021!

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Book cover of Dr Curtis Whitson's book, "Phase Behaviour"Advanced PVT and EOS Fluid Characterisation (RES08)
22-26 March 2021
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