Nov 2018

ADNOC Offshore Presented One of HOT’s Advanced Technologies at ADIPEC

Hiroshi Uematsu, Senior Reservoir Engineer with ADNOC Offshore, demonstrated how to arrive within a short time at a high quality history match for a large Middle Eastern carbonate oil reservoir with long production history and numerous wells.

By applying SenEx, HOT’s advanced assisted history matching tool, ADNOC Offshore was able to achieve a technical sound well-by-well history match with less than 20 (!) simulation runs ONLY!

What usually takes months, has been achieved in a few days.
Another proof of the outstanding performance of SenEx.

Nov 2018

Are You Ready for 2019? – We Are!

Are You Ready for 2019? – We Are!

Our 2019 public course program is waiting for you. Our comprehensive course portfolio covers the entire upstream spectrum and includes a number of exciting new courses. On top of that, several sessions are available in Spanish language. Visit our Downloads page to access your digital copy of our 2019 public course schedule.

In case you are still looking for 2018 training opportunities, hurry and join our CONFIRMED  courses in November and December:

Pore Pressure, Fracture Pressure and Wellbore Stability Management (GEO21)
26-30 November 2018 (5 days) – CONFIRMED!
** Last-Minute Spots available! **

This CONFIRMED course provides essential knowledge on formation pressure, pre-well prediction and real-time evaluation of pressures. It explains how pressures can be calculated and how they influence the distribution and migration of hydrocarbons. Read more…

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Dice with letters on them that spell out business terms

Petroleum Economics, Business and Decision Making (PBM02)
3-6 December 2018 (5 days) – CONFIRMED!
** Last-Minute Spots available! **

Engineers, geoscientists and economists perform technical work to support the “business” objectives of the organisation they work for (corporation, government). It is therefore important that they understand that “business” because it will influence the judgements they make. Economic evaluations provide the main source of the organisation’s information by which investment and operational decisions are made regarding the most effective use of resources. It is through these decisions corporate value is being created (or destroyed). Read more…

There are only a few seats left, so register quickly!

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We look forward to welcoming you soon!
Your HOT Team

Nov 2018

HOT at GOTECH2018 in Dubai, UAE

HOT is proud to have been part of GOTECH2018 in October, in Dubai. It was a great honour for us to welcome Mr. Ali Rached Al Jarwan, CEO of Dragon Oil, at our booth. The conference was filled with technical presentations and our CEO, Dr. Diethard Kratzer and our Principal Geophysicist, Dr. Christian Stotter presented their papers: “A Novel Approach to Assisted History Matching Saves Time and Cost” and “Benefits of State-of-the Art Reprocessing for Reservoir Simulation Studies”.

Beside the technical paper presentations visitors could find out more about our Exploration and Field Development Services, SenEx (Next-Generation Assisted History Matching Tool), ‘Rock-on-a-Chip’ Microfluidics Solutions, MACC and Training at our booth.

We would like to thank our visitors for their interest and Dragon Oil for organising an excellent event.

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