Sep 2018

HOT Participation at the First School on Sandstone Diagenesis at the FAU University in Erlangen, Germany

Sharon Tiainen and Dr Chris Cubitt, HOT’s principal reservoir geologists, attended the First School on Sandstone Diagenesis at the FAU University in Erlangen, Germany.  Chris and Sharon, along with ExxonMobil’s Dr William Heins and leading academics Dr Luca Caracciolo (from FAU) and Dr Saturnina Henares and Prof Gert Jan Weltje  (from KU Lueven) were the key note speakers.  Drs Linda Bonnel and Rob Lander (of Touchstone Fame) presented a workshop on diagenetic modelling and reservoir quality prediction.

The school brought together representatives from both industry and academia with a vision to share their collective experience and discuss both traditional and the latest concepts and developments in clastic diagenesis.  Importantly the school was well attended by the next generation of reservoir geologists, who presented highlights from their collective PhDs and post-docs in an entertaining ‘elevator pitch’ style.

The emphasis of the school was on understanding controlling processes on clastic diagenesis, their knock-on effects and how we can best model these inputs.  Our collective aim, by understanding controls, we can better predict reservoir quality.  In this context, HOT’s innovative drill cuttings analysis work – recall diagenesis studies are typically undertaken on relatively rare conventional core – was very well received and seen as a value-add that is often under-utilised by both researchers and industry.

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