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Wellsite and Operations Geology (GEO13)

  • 24-28 September 20175 daysAbu Dhabi, UAECourse Fee: 4500 USD


This course teaches both fundamental and more advanced elements of wellsite and operations geology.
First, a review will be made of the background and some of the basics of these related disciplines. The course will then detail each of the main duties and responsibilities of operations and wellsite geologists. These will include well planning and surveillance, selection and quality control of the geological contractors, the ever increasing task of data management and formation pore pressure evaluation. There will also be detailed reviews of the more traditional tasks of sample and show description as well as coring and sidewall coring.

Course Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Tim Herrett

Designed for you, if you are...

  • Familiar with the basics of wellsite and operations geology and want to learn more details about these disciplines
  • An oil & gas company geologist, as it will give you valuable insights into the process of well planning, wellsite data acquisition, the value of the data, its limitations and its use in regional studies and well planning

The course assumes some basic knowledge of rigs, rig equipment, drilling activities and the personnel involved in these activities.

How we build your confidence

You will be taken along a path which gradually introduces each topic and uses many graphics / photos and some videos to illustrate the points made. The manual provides a good future reference for what has been taught in the course.

The benefits from attending

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The roles of wellsite and operations geologists
  • The importance of good communication and awareness
  • How to competently plan the geological aspects of a well including well and data acquisition programs
  • How to identify and mitigate drilling and subsurface risks
  • The main geological contractors and their responsibilities
  • How to competently perform well surveillance
  • How to manage wellsite derived data effectively
  • How to ensure good, consistent cuttings and show descriptions
  • How to pick core and sidewall core points and how to process them effectively
  • How to evaluate formation pore, fracture and overburden pressures
  • The basics of geomechanics and influences of earth stresses
  • The basics of geosteering and well trajectory analysis
  • Wellsite log and report preparation
  • How to handle final well documentation


  • Review of some fundamental concepts including depth, ROP, directional drilling
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and wellsite/operations geology
  • Operations and wellsite geology roles and responsibilities
  • Well planning from location identification to spud
  • Drilling and subsurface risk identification, mitigation and management
  • Directional, ERD and geosteering
  • Geological contracts, contractor evaluation and quality control
  • Well surveillance and well data management
  • Sample and show description, gas measurement and event analysis
  • Coring/Sidewall coring programs and core point picking
  • Geopressure development and influences of earth stresses on drilled wells
  • Formation pore, fracture and overburden pressure prediction and evaluation
  • Use of trend line analysis and indirect indicators for pore pressure evaluation
  • Wireline Logging QC and MDT pressure evaluation
  • Logs, reports and final well documentation

Customer Feedback

"Very good manual, very good illustrations, very good instructor" - Geologist at RWE Dea AG
"Tim is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining, the study and training material is very well made and thorough" - Petrophysicist at DONG Energy E&P AS




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